to promote non-motorized trails along the Beartooth Front


Be a Part of BRTA

Since 2002, the heart of BRTA has been its volunteer base. It’s because of volunteers that we have groomed cross-country ski trails, litter-free city summer trails, and a well-organized Ski Swap where local families outfit themselves for winter.


Volunteer opportunities with BRTA include:

  • Summer Trails: Improve or build hiking or biking trails, or even “adopt” a trail!

  • Winter Trails: Groom trails, coach skiers, or direct parking during events.

  • Oktoberfest: Our volunteers take tickets and serve food at the annual Red Lodge Ales party.

  • Fun Run: Our volunteers do behind-the-scenes work to make the run fun (and profitable!)

  • Kids Ski Days: Help us help kids learn to ski.

  • Ski Swap: Organize, arrange, publicize, etc.

  • Committees: Our Winter Trails, Summer Trails, and Marketing committees plan, prioritize, and organize all this work. We often meet over libations!

  • Board: BRTA has a working board; as a board member, you will likely be managing programs or events, writing grants, or running finances or communications. For this reason, we generally prefer board members who have previous experience on our committees.

Volunteering with BRTA is surprisingly competitive. It can be hard to break into popular slots such as Oktoberfest and the Ski Swap. (It’s easier, and arguably more crucial, to spend your time grooming or maintaining a trail, or serving on a committee or organizing a silent auction.) So be patient, be creative, and please accept our thanks for volunteering to give back to our community. Fill out the survey at the link to indicate your preferences, and we’ll email you with as opportunities arise.