to promote non-motorized trails along the Beartooth Front


Trails Near Red Lodge

West Fork Road is groomed and maintained by BRTA.  All other trails are not groomed.  Access to West Fork Road is made possible by Friends of the West Fork and BRTA. 

Silver Run Trails

Five miles up the West Fork of Rock Creek is one of the most popular trails.  It has three loops – a 4K easy trail, a 7K intermediate and an 11K advanced.  Check either the forest service (446-2103) or Sylvan Peak (446-1770) for snow conditions before heading out!  These trails can be kinda rocky and stumpy when there isn’t a lot of the white stuff!


South of Red Lodge on the Main Fork of Rock Creek, up the Beartooth Highway 11 miles.  Look for the trail sign near the picnic and parking area by Parkside Campground.

Lake Fork Trail

Reached by driving south on Hwy 212, has a 3K  loop option.  More experienced skiers may choose to head up the Lake Fork Trail into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  About 2 miles above the trailhead is Silver Falls seen from the trail, on your left.  This trail system has no snowmobile access, so it is very quiet! It is not for beginners.

Willow Creek Trail

Covers two miles of the Willow Creek valley, from Palisades Campground to Red Lodge Mountain parking lot. Some beautiful limestone palisades of the Beartooth Mountains overlook the trail. This is a good snow shoeing trail, and usually a tough ski trail due to narrowness and steepness.  Access is on a county road (Palisades Campground Road) heading west about 1 mile from Red Lodge on the West Fork Road. Then you can drive on the short Forest Service road to the campground gate in the winter, depending on snow depth (this section is not plowed).

Palisade Trail

(same access road as Willow Creek Trail). There is a junction on Willow Creek Trail a few yards up it; take a right; ski or snowshoe uphill about a mile, then all downhill about 2 miles to Fox Road.  Or drive to the end of Fox Road and begin at that end. Plenty of steep shots on this trail!

West Fork Road

Barricaded at Wild Bill Lake December 1-April 15, which means that the road is open for skiing, snowshoeing and walking (and is open to snowmobiles).  It is a very easy uphill road…good for beginners!  BRTA grooms this road weekly or when conditions allow.


Regional Nordic Skiing

Hikes up the West Fork of Rock Creek - Distance from Red Lodge 3mi - 13mi

Pahaska XC

West of Cody, near East Gate to Yellowstone National Park and Sleeping Giant trail systems

Rendezvous Ski Trails

West Yellowstone, Montana

Crosscut Ranch

(formerly Bohart Ranch) Bozeman, Montana

Lone Mountain Ranch

Big Sky, Montana