to promote non-motorized trails along the Beartooth Front




Nordic Center grooming: Saturday, Sunday, Monday (we may possibly add a Mid week groom Wednesday or Thursday based on weather and attendance needs)

West Fork grooming: Friday before noon and Tuesday before noon, beginning in December.


Current weather conditions are located at the bottom of this page


Friday, Jan 15, 2021

Nordic Center:

Another week without snow requires the CLOSED sign to remain in place. (but we are working to keep the trails ready for snow)

West Fork:

Escape to the outdoors for a relaxing hike, bike, or ski if you dare.  The warm and breezy week continued to challenge the thin base. Be extra cautious of slick conditions.  Be sure to sign in and thanks for picking up after your pooch.

Friday, Jan 8, 2021

Nordic Center: 

It's nice to see a little white stuff falling, however not enough to cover the grass.  So the CLOSED sign remains up.

West Fork: 

The base is holding up, its thin but firm.  Expect slick conditions to Basin Campground and improved conditions beyond that point.  Great fun for Snowbikes, Hikers, Skiers.  Thanks for signing in, staying in your lane and picking up after your pooch.

Tuesday, Dec 22, 2020

Nordic Center:  Well it's happened again, due to the lack of snow the Nordic Center is closed until further notice.  

Let's hope Santa brings us snow!!

Below is the forecast for Red Lodge. Here's  a forecast for much closer to the Nordic Center site: