to promote non-motorized trails along the Beartooth Front




The BRTA has a few refurbished bikes if you or someone you know is in need of a bicycle to get around Red Lodge, for employment, exercise or maintaining health goals.  Email beartoothtrails, attention Heidi Gilbert.


Look for the available bicycles on display in the window of  the McCampbell Building at Broadway Avenue and 10th Street.

At this time, BRTA is not accepting bikes to be refurbished until we find space for the bikes and can be sure we have a mechanic to work on the bikes as The Spoke Wrench has closed.


The goals of the BRTA Community Bicycle Program are to support our mission of human powered transportation and to support the Red Lodge Active Transportation Plan that seeks to develop a healthy, active, lifestyle.

The Beartooth Billings Clinic has partnered with the BRTA to offer quality, affordable ASTM 2040 certified helmets, free to those who participated through the BRTA.  The helmet program is made possible by Trauma Services and the Beartooth Billings Clinic Foundation.

BRTA promotes bicycling, and a healthy culture around bicycling, by giving away free bikes, improving mountain-biking trails, and installing bike racks in downtown Red Lodge. We also encourage policies to promote safe biking on area roads.  

Trails suitable for mountain biking:  Silver Run, Nichols, Palisades, Willow, Ingles, Parkside, and Face of the Mountain.


Check out trails in Red Lodge:  Coal Miners Park and Rotary Park.


Coal Miners Park has some fun switchbacks and rollers on the hill that connect to the trail along Rock Creek behind the Wildlife Sanctuary. Access from Beartooth Lane, or from 5th Street at the end of the high school track/football field, or take 2nd Street to the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary parking lot.

Rotary Park is accessed along Park Avenue at the large parking area.  Biking and walking trails are beginner friendly.

Trails suitable for mountain biking include Silver Run, Palisades, Willow Creek, Ingles Creek, Parkside and Face of the Mountain.  Maps for these trails can be found on our Summer Trails page.

BRTA has partnered with Red Lodge Mountain and new trails are being added.  The best way to find these trails in online at Trailforks or Strava.


The BRTA has installed almost 50 bike racks in the downtown area to improve the pedestrian environment and encourage non-motorized travel for a healthy central business district.  


The design of the racks are both the single inverted-U and the multiple inverted-U braced together, the standard and most secure type of rack.  Siting and design of the racks are done mutually between the BRTA and the organization, insuring that adequate clearances, including ADA, are maintained. Construction and installation of the racks is done by Back Alley Metals.  


The BRTA has an encroachment permit from the Montana Department of Transportation to install racks on Broadway Avenue in downtown Red Lodge. 


The bicycle racks have been funded from both the BRTA budget and from a Community Transportation Enhancement Program grant from the Montana Department of Transportation through the Carbon County Commission.


Call Bill Foisy at 426-0550 if you are interested in a rack.


Accommodating Bicyclists and Pedestrians


The BRTA partners with Bike Walk Montana concerning the adequate accommodation of bicyclists and pedestrians in the design of transportation facilities.  

Federal Highway Administration guidance states it is “a presumption that bicyclists and pedestrians be accommodated in the design of new and improved transportation facilities.  In the planning, design and operation of transportation facilities, bicyclists and pedestrians should be included as a matter of routine, and the decision not to accommodate them should be the exception rather than the rule.  There must be exceptional circumstances for denying bicycle and pedestrian access by prohibition or by designing highways that are incompatible with safe, convenient walking and bicycling.”

The latest proposed highway project with unresolved issues regarding accommodation of bicyclists and pedestrians is the following:
Highway 212 Project,  Robinson Drive to Two Mile Bridge Road; comments were due Sept. 12


BRTA worked with the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) to insure that adequate shoulders were provided on Highway 78/Brewery Hill, from Lazy M Street to Hauser Avenue.  The MDT agreed to narrow the lanes to 11 feet in this section in order to provide five- foot shoulders.  A wider shoulder stripe further delineates the shoulder.  This project was completed in 2015.


BRTA also insured that rumble strips on Highway 78 near Red Lodge consistent with the MDT Rumble Strip Guidance were included and assisted the City of Red Lodge in securing an MDT encroachment permit for the installation of safety signage on the Highway 78 Multi-Use Pathway.  Installation of the signage is scheduled for the summer of 2020.


BRTA supported the design for the rebuild project on West Fork Road that included 11’ driving lanes and four-foot shoulders completed in 2017.   Share the road signs (with cyclists) were installed at the behest of the BRTA in 2019.


BRTA has noted to the County and the City the need for a bicycle and pedestrian provision for the 19th Street bridge reconstructed in 2013.  The existing bridge railing does not meet the ASSHTO specifications that the minimum height of a pedestrian railing shall be 42” and the size of openings between horizontal and vertical elements does not exceed a six-inch sphere.  The railing configuration a potential safety issue for small children.