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West Fork of Rock Creek

Willow Cr. (a.k.a. Palisades Campground) Trail

From Highway 212, turn right/west near the south end of Red Lodge on West Fork Road toward Red Lodge Mountain Resort; go one mile on pavement, turn right onto Palisades Campground Road, then another 1½ miles on gravel to the Campground. The trailhead is at the far west end of the campground. This is a pleasant, forested, streamside, steady uphill trail about two miles and 800’ elevation to the Red Lodge Mtn. parking lot.

Silver Run Trails

Turn right/west off Highway 212 on the south edge of Red Lodge onto West Fork Road and proceed 2.7 miles; turn left where the road forks (right is Ski Run Rd.) and continue on pavement another 1½ miles. Turn left at the sign for Silver Run Road, cross the West Fork of Rock Creek bridge and park. The trails begin about ¼ mile west of the parking lot. Loop 1: 2.4 miles; loop 2: 3.4 miles; loop 3: 4.5 miles; loop 4: 5.1 miles. All are in lodge pole pine forest and all return along the river. All are slightly uphill at first. Loop 4 connects to the Basin Lakes Trail. Another option here is the Ingles Creek Trail which branches south off loop 2 and continues uphill about 2 miles and 1600’ to the ridge, meeting the Silver Run trail.

The Silver Run Trail begins at the same parking lot as the Loop trails, or you can drive up that Silver Run road (high clearance vehicle) two miles to the trailhead to begin/end that hike. The distance from the Silver Run trailhead to the plateau is 2+ miles and 2000’ elevation.

Basin Creek Lakes Trail

Turn west off Highway 212, south side of Red Lodge, onto West Fork Road and continue 2.7 miles; turn left at the junction of Ski Run Rd., continuing on pavement 4.2 miles; turn left at the Basin Cr. Lake trailhead. This trail is uphill 2 ½ miles and 1400’ to the lower lake, and another 1 ½ miles and 700’ to the upper lake, all in lodge pole pine forest.

Timberline Lake Trail

Four miles past Basin Lakes trailhead on the left is Timberline L. Trailhead. The Timberline L. trail is four miles and 2,100’ through forest, near the stream (in burned forest much of the way). The lake is at the foot of 12,500’ Silver Run Mountain. You pass Lake Gertrude about ½ mile below Timberline L. A junction at 2 ½ miles takes you left up to Silver Run Lakes (1 ½ mi. and 700’) and the switchbacks up to Silver Run Plateau, which continues on as the Beartrack Trail over the Plateau.

Senia Creek Trail

The Senia trailhead is at the end of West Fork road. This trail is a steep uphill, about 2.5 miles and 2,000’ to the Red Lodge Cr. Plateau. It connects to the Red Lodge Cr. Trail and to the Spread Cr. Trail down to East Rosebud Lake.

West Fork Trail

The end of the West Fork road (12 ½ miles from Red Lodge) is the trailhead for the West Fork Trail. A pleasant 4 mile hike gaining 1,000’ and passing Calamity Falls and Sentinel Falls, takes you to beautiful Quinnebaugh Meadows. This trail continues up to Lake Mary or on to Sundance Pass.