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Grooming Report

 Tues. Jan. 17

Conditions look pretty stable for the next week or so.  Normally we groom Fri., Sat., and Sun. unless there is a dump of snow during the week.  With these stable conditions our intrepid bunch of volunteers will also be grooming on Thurs. morning.  Enjoy!

Sun. Jan. 15

All trails groomed this morning.  Excellent conditions, sunny, calm, 30 degrees

rm lee

Sat. Jan. 14

West Fork groomed and track set this morning….snow is in great condition and the weather  was beautiful.


Fri. Jan. 13

All trails tracked and groomed today.  Grooming continues tomorrow and Sunday.  Unless the wind causes problems it should be excellent skiing with good snow and warmer temps.

rj mt

Thurs. Jan. 12

4 inches of new snow has been rolled out on all trails.  Tomorrow, all trails will be tracked and groomed.  Grooming will also be done on Sat. and Sun. mornings.  The kids program starts this Sat. and will continue for two more Saturdays.  You are welcome to come and ski those days, just be aware that there will be more cars in the parking lot.  Much of the kids activity takes place fairly close to the warming hut, and on practice circles in the Near Side meadows.


Tues. Jan. 10

3 inches of new snow was rolled out on all trails this morning.  Currently cloudy, calm, and 24 degrees.  Expecting more snow mid week, so should be good skiing this weekend.

rj mj

Sun. Jan 8

Just a reminder re: driving on Fox and Smith roads to get to the Nordic Center.  We have had a number of cars go off the road recently.  When these roads are plowed the wing on the plow gives a false impression of where the shoulder of the road is.  On each side, what looks like the shoulder is just some flat snow over the ditch.  Take care.

Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017

Skating lanes were groomed this morning, both Near and Far Sides. Conditions are excellent. Temp today about 29, no wind this morning, increasing to 9 mph this afternoon. Kids ski instructor training is today, 1-3 pm. If you’re interested in helping with the program, stop by for some tips. There was a nice bull moose along Fox Rd this morning, south side.


Jan. 5, Thurs.

All trails were groomed and tracked this afternoon.  Should be in great condition tomorrow.  We will be grooming Sat. and Sun. mornings weather permitting.

January 3, 2017

All trails were rolled today. Conditions are: cold temps, hardly a breath of wind, partly cloudy. Plans to finish grooming will be made for the weekend. Bundle up and enjoy some nice skiing.


January 2, 2017

A gallant attempt to groom today was defeated by equipment problems. The -5 degree temperature didn’t help. We plan to roll the entire trail system tomorrow. Snow conditions are still very good. Tomorrow’s forecast: temperature zero,  5-7 mph wind, mostly cloudy.


January 1, 2017

All trails at the Nordic Center were groomed and track set this morning.   Roads to Nordic Center in good condition.  As of 1030 very little wind.   Snow conditions great.


December 31, 2016

West Fork groomed and track set on Saturday…..snow in excellent condition.


31 Dec. Sat. 10:30am.

All trails on the Near and Far Side were rolled this morning.  Both Fox and Smith Roads have been plowed.  Get out and enjoy skiing before the cold sub zero temperatures!  Sunny and light wind, but breezy in some open areas.


31 Dec. Sat.

New snowfall of 8 inches yesterday.  We will roll trails this morning.  I should be sunny and light winds.  Be careful on the Fox and Smith Roads as they might not be plowed.  Report time 8am.


 Dec. 30, Fri.

50 mph winds last night will have moved some snow around, and it is currently 45 degrees.  We will not be able to groom until temps. get closer to freezing.  There is a good chance of snow this afternoon and evening, so grooming may not happen until tomorrow morning.


29 Dec. Thur.

All trails on Near and Far Sides were groomed this morning.  Conditions prevented track set, but will try tomorrow.  Grooming will continue through Monday, weather permitting.  Mostly sunny and light winds.


Dec. 28 Thurs.

Big winds last night, and today.  Trails will be wind blown in open areas, should be good through the trees.  When things calm down we will be cleaning up all the trails.  Stay tuned.


Dec. 27, Tues. 1:00 PM

All trails tracked and groomed today.  Drifting snow filled in some tracks this morning, but overall excellent conditions.  Currently 36 degrees, sunny, with light winds.

rj mj

Dec. 26, Mon. 11:30


Rolled the West Fork on Christmas Day and again today…..five inches new snow this morning.   Set track to Basin Campground.   Snow looks great and the next few days should be great x-c skiing.



6 inches of new snow was rolled and packed this morning.  Tomorrow this snow will be set up enough to set tracks and groom for skating.  Currently it is 25 degrees, sunny, with calm winds.  Just a reminder for folks who come to ski.  Most of our terrain is susceptible to wind and blowing snow, so if a wind comes up we will not be grooming.

rj lh        And don’t forget PINT NIGHT at Sam’s tomorrow afternoon and evening at SAM’S TAPROOM!

Dec. 24, Sat.  11:00 AM

Merry Christmas and the days are getting longer.  All trails were groomed this morning, and yesterday’s tracks are in good shape.  Currently it is 28 degrees with light winds, and partly cloudy skies.  Chance of snow tonight and tomorrow

lee tj

Dec. 23, Fri.

All trails were tracked and groomed today.  Conditions are excellent with calm winds and 29 degrees.

rj mj

Dec. 19, Mon.

The Near Side trails were tracked and groomed today.  Far Side will be done tomorrow if there is no wind.  Conditions should be excellent with warmer temps. this week.

rj mj

Dec. 18, Sun.

All trails were rolled today, and groomers will be out tomorrow to smooth things out and possibly lay down some tracks.  Over the holidays starting on the 22nd we will be grooming our usual Fri. through Sun. plus one more time during the week as needed.  We will also have heat in the hut every day.  Should be some excellent skiing as temperatures rise.

rj Lee

Dec. 17, Sat.

We have not groomed this Fri. and Sat. due to blowing snow and -30 wind chills, however tomorrow we will be packing down 5 inches of new snow.  Check the report for conditions.


Dec.11, Sunday

Yes, this is your chance to have an awesome day of skiing. The sun is shining, it’s not too cold and all Near Side and Far Side trails have been groomed and tracks are set. There is about 5″ of new snow, so the snow is a bit soft.

bj; lrh


Dec. 9

Fri. Sat. Sun. grooming will continue through the holiday season as long as there is snow to groom.  Cover is still very thin in places, so use caution.

9 December

All trails on the Near and Far side were groomed and track set.


5 December

All trails on the Near and Far Side have been rolled.  Light wind at 11:30.  A few thin spots to watch out for but most trails should be good skiing!


5 December

We received about 5 inches of new snow.  We intend to groom this morning around 9:30am.  Report to follow.


Thanksgiving day



We did a test run with the groomer today and were able to create some good skiing.  A couple of excellent skaters were having a blast.  So, tomorrow we will groom what we can on the Near Side.  You will see grass, you will have to cross some wonky irrigation ditches, but you will also get some pretty sweet skiing, especially you skaters.  If temps. stay low enough we will continue grooming through the weekend.  No tracks will be set, and there will be no grooming on the Far Side.


Sat. Nov. 19

All trails were groomed this morning.  Some track was set, but it’s a little thin yet.  Should be good for classic and skate skiing, keeping in mind that it is early season conditions with thin cover.  Watch for deer.  They seem to be loving the area this year.  Currently 30 degrees, sunny, with light winds.

rj mj

FRI. NOV. 18

OK, first report for the 16 17 ski season.  A foot and a half of new snow has been rolled out on all trails.  We may not be able to do more with this snow due to warm temps coming up, but if we can save some for this years base it will be great.  Meanwhile, it’s good classic skiing on a firm base with early season conditions, so watch for obstacles.  Currently it’s 22 degrees with a light breeze from the SW.

rj rm

Sat. Mar. 24

Just a reminder that you can ski at the Nordic Center until the end of March.  If we get this weeks predicted snow there will be no grooming, but you can go to the center and break some trail.


Sun. Feb 14

All Near Side trails were groomed this morning.  Good skating, watch for bare spots.

rj lh

Sat. Feb 13

Some Near side trails were groomed this morning, and where we were able to groom, the skiing was very good.  We will groom what we can again tomorrow morning, and with a skiff of snow to work with on the north side of trees, it could be pretty good skiing.  Grooming should be done by 9:30, and you can certainly follow the groomer around earlier than that.


Sun. Feb 7

All trails on the Near and Far Side groomed for skating and tracked for classic skiing. A beautiful Red Lodge morning.


Sat. Feb. 6

High winds and drifting snow at the Nordic center today.  If things calm down, we will attempt to groom tomorrow morning.  Next weeks predicted high temps. may prevent grooming.

rj rm

Thursday, Feb. 4

The West Fork of Rock Creek was groomed and track set this morning from gate to Basin Campground……there was about 3 inches of new snow on Monday……the snow is in excellent conditions and skiers are reporting very good skiing.  The whole width of the road was groomed and combed to prevent snow loss from predicted high winds for this afternoon.


Tue 2 Feb

We received 3-4 inches  of snow overnight and all trails were groomed and track set late today.  It should be great skiing tomorrow.


Mon. Feb. 1

We got a couple inches of snow today, so late this afternoon, we groomed and tracked the new snow.  It isn’t much but it’s remarkable what a couple of inches will do.  Should be good skiing tomorrow and temps are supposed to stay below freezing for at least 3 or 4 days.

rj mj

Sun. Jan31

All Near Side trails groomed for skating. Most trails also tracked for classic but conditions were not good with new blown in snow over ice and packed snow.


Sat. Jan 30

All Near and Far Side trails were groomed.  Track setting conditions were not good but we tried where there was blown in snow.  Sunny and no wind.  Get out and enjoy the day!


Sat. Jan. 30

We received an inch and a half of snow last night.  We will groom this morning.  Kids learn to ski program resumes this afternoon.


Tues. Jan. 26

Some of the Near Side trails were groomed this morning, and skaters reported excellent conditions.  As the afternoon sun softens the snow, all trails ski well, even with no grooming.  Thanks go out to skiers who grab a shovel and put snow over bare spots.  This certainly helps prevent from growing larger.  There is a chance for snow this week end.

rj mj


Sun. Jan. 24

The Near Side and Far Side was groomed. Skate lanes will be groomed tomorrow morning to smooth things out after a busy weekend.  We will need new snow to set any new tracks.  Our base continues to hold up, but thin spots are appearing, and this nasty warm weather seems to be with us for a while.  Think snow.


Sat. Jan 23

Skate lanes were groomed this morning on the Near Side and part of the Far Side.  Skating was fast and fun after the grooming.  Currently it is 42 degrees which I hope will be the high today.

Fri. Jan 22

Near Side trails were groomed and track was set late last night while temps were low.  Conditions are still good but we’ve had some nasty weather (warm and dry) so it’s time to watch for thin spots and obstacles again.  We will be grooming Sat. and Sun. however it may be difficult to set track unless we get more snow.

rj lh

Sun. 17 Jan

All trails on the Near and Far Sides groomed for skate skiing. Most of the tracks are in good condition with less than 1/2 inch of fresh snow.


Sat. 16 Jan.

The West Fork was groomed to Basin Campground.   A track was set on each side of the road and the middle is groomed for skate skiing.   Snow conditions are quite good.   Still need more snow, but everything is covered and everyone is reporting very good snow conditions.


Sat. 16 Jan.

All trails were groomed this morning.  Some track sets were made but conditions were not good for that operation.  Kids program today in the afternoon.


Tues. Jan 12

Near side skate lanes were groomed this evening.  They will be ready for some excellent skiing tomorrow morning.  Tracks are holding up well.  We will be grooming again this Sat. and Sun.  Kids program starts this Sat.

rj lrh

Fri. Jan. 8

3 inches of new snow was tracked and groomed at the Nordic Center late this afternoon.  Should be excellent skiing tomorrow, and we hope to groom again on Sun. morning.

rj gb

January 2, 2016

All trails were groomed this morning at the Nordic Center.


January 1, 2016

The West Fork of Rock Creek was rolled from the gate to Cascade and track set from the gate to Basin Campground.   A skate lane was also groomed adjacent to the set track.   Snow is very good.  Saturday morning at 6 a.m. is 25 degrees. Skiing should be very good again today.


 Thurs. Dec. 31

All trails were groomed this morning and are skiing very well.  At 1:00 PM it is 21 degrees, sunny, and calm.  We will be grooming again tomorrow, for the learn to ski day, so come out and get some free instruction.

rj mj

Tues. Dec. 29

An inch of new snow was groomed and tracked today on all trails.  Light snow continued to fall after we finished so there is another 1/2 in. on top of the groomed snow.  We will be grooming again this Fri., Sat., and Sun.  Friday is a Nordic fun day.  There will be instructors available for skate skiing and classic skiing.

rj mj

Sun. 27 Dec.

All trails groomed this morning.  Windy in places so tracks may be filled in at some areas.  Partly sunny and temperatures rising.


Sat. Dec. 26

West Fork was groomed the full width of the road late in the day up to the Basin Campground….track set on both sides…..snow looks really good.


Sat. Dec. 26

All trails were tracked and groomed this morning.  Temps are rising, and as of 10:30 AM it is 19 degrees, calm, and sunny.  We hope to dress things up again tomorrow morning.

West Fork grooming is on hold until we get our snowmobile fixed.

rj mj

Tues. Dec. 22

All trails at the Nordic Ctr. were groomed and tracked this morning.  A dusting of snow has made the skiing really good, and the place is beautiful as well.  At 1:00 PM it is 32 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze of 6mph.

rm ct

Monday on the West Fork

Solstice!  and the West Fork is groomed again. Its smooth for skating and tracked to Basin Campground; rolled almost to Cascade CG. The snow is packed and even soft in places. Temps and wind are on the rise. Enjoy.

Remember that the West Fork Road is a multi use area on Forest Service land. You will encounter ALL kinds of recreation going on out there: snowmobilers, walkers, runners, dog sleds, XC skiers, snowshoers, dogs. Be courteous, have fun, and don’t walk or snowmobile in the set ski tracks. Control your dog.

Sunday, Dec. 20

All Nordic ctr.trails were groomed and tracked this morning.  Unless conditions don’t allow it, we will be grooming every Sat. and Sun. morning, and one or two more times during the week during the holidays.  Should be good skating and classic skiing today. Currently 29 degrees, sunny, with a 7 mph breeze.

rj mj

Saturday 19 December

The West Fork of Rock Creek was rolled and  track was set to Basin Campground, 2 miles.  Snow conditions are very good, a little thin in a few places.  We have a dedicated grooming machine for the West Fork this year, so we should be able to groom more often and more timely.  At 3 p.m. it was in the low 40’s and pretty gusty at times.


Saturday 19 Dec.

All trails were groomed this morning.  Wind blew some track set areas in with snow but overall conditions are good.

Some wind but warm and partly sunny.


Friday, Dec. 18 2015

This morning all trails were tracked for classic and groomed for skating.  The snow is still a little thin in places, but for the most part conditions are excellent.  We hope to groom the skate lanes again tomorrow, and each time we do this, along with a cold night or two, will firm up the snow.  Currently it is sunny, 29 degrees, with a light breeze from the SE.

rj ew

Thurs. Dec. 17  2015

6 more inches of snow was rolled out on all trails today.  We finally have enough base to start grooming and setting track, and we hope to have those two tasks done by late morning tomorrow.  This will be our first pass with the groomers so skating might be a bit soft, but classic should be excellent.  Our normal grooming schedule is Sat. and Sun. mornings, and when needed due to snow, wind, etc. however we will try to groom more often during the holidays.  It’s gorgeous out there now, so come out and enjoy.

rj mj

Mon. Dec. 14 2015

6 inches of new snow and still snowing.  Trails were rolled today to hang on to the new snow, however a moderate wind has blown much of the snow from open meadows and hills.  Any sheltered areas have a good amount of the white stuff.  We will be packing snow down again tomorrow morning and will give an update on conditions then.

rj rm

Sat. Dec. 5th 2015

Some Near Side trails were lightly groomed today where it was possible.  There is some good skating on the north side of aspen groves where sun and wind have less effect on the snow.  Conditions continue to deteriorate due to our lack of snow, but surprisingly, there are still some areas that ski very well.


Sat. Nov. 28th 2015

Our thin cover remains, and tomorrow we will be checking out our Ginzu groomers and sleds so there will be some groomed snow to ski on.  This will be limited due to the marginal conditions, but it could make for some fun skating in those areas where we can groom.  Cover is too thin to make any classic tracks, however there were many classic skiers out today using the skate lanes and having fun.


Nov. 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving.  4 inches of new snow was rolled out this morning, and while cover is thin, there are folks out skiing.  It is currently 16 degrees, with calm winds, and sunshine.  As long as it stays cold, we should be able to hang on to this thin base, but we won’t be able to use our ginzu groomers.  Have fun and watch for early season hazards.


Nov. 21, 2015

WEST FORK REPORT: Skiing is good here. The gate is open, so there’s a few vehicles going by. The truck tire grooves make good “set tracks”. If you hurry, you can break trail in the fluffy powder along the side of the road. It’s not a skating day.


Nov. 20, 2015

Nearly 8 inches of snow fell on the NC last night and today.  This was rolled out on all Near Side and some Far side trails this afternoon.  This will pack the snow to hold it should we get a wind, and will start to build up our base.  At this point there is still some grass and small aspens showing, and ditches are still ditches, however if one is careful you could find some places to try out your classic gear and your body.


October 15, 2015

Hi Folks, Welcome to the Nordic Center grooming report. This report will be updated each time we groom, if conditions warrant a caution or to advise everyone of an activity. The NC is in good shape and the staff is ready to go. We’re just waiting for this glorious fall weather to finally give way to lots of wonderful winter snow.


 March 12, 2014

We regret to say that the Nordic Center is not ski-able and the parking lot is very muddy. So it is closed, probably for the season.  And this Saturday’s  Loppet is cancelled.  Thanks for coming out and enjoying the Center this year.


Sun. Mar. 8

Near Side trails were groomed for skating this morning.  If it gets cold enough at night we will continue to groom for skating, however we won’t be able to set track in these conditions.  Tomorrow you may be able to crust ski in the morning, with a nice window of softening snow on the trails in the afternoon.  Warm weather is expected to continue so watch for thin spots.

rj ew

Saturday 7 March

All near Side Trails were groomed and a few on the Far Side.  Get out and enjoy the spring weather.


Saturday 7 March

We plan to groom this morning beginning at 8am and continue until temperatures become too warm.

Thursday, March 5

The Nordic Center was groomed this morning and so was the West Fork Road.  Warm temps coming and plenty of snow to ski on.


Tues. Mar.3

A foot of new snow was rolled out on all trails.  We will start grooming either tomorrow or Thursday, and should have it in good shape by the weekend.  Meanwhile, the skiing on the rolled snow is pretty dang good.

rj rm

Sun. Mar 1

All trails on both the Near and Far Sides groomed for skating.  The tracks which were set on the Near Side yesterday are holding up very well. Cold this morning but no wind. Currently sunny, temp 20 degrees F., Wind 5 mph .  Should be fun skiing. Enjoy.




Sat. Feb. 28

All the trails were groomed this morning, and fresh tracks were set on the Near Side.  Should be good skiing today with 11 degree temps. calm winds, and partly cloudy skies.

lh jc

Thurs. Feb. 26

8 inches of new snow were rolled out on all the Near and Far Side trails.  Near Side trails were also groomed for skating and tracked for classic skiing.  The snow is still a bit soft, but skiers reported excellent conditions.  The brown is gone thank goodness.  At 2:30 PM it is 10 degrees, cloudy, and calm.

rj mj

Mon. Feb. 23

All Near Side trails have been groomed for skating and tracked for classic skiing.  The Far Side has been rolled.  Conditions should be very good and the new snow is beautiful.  At 8:30 AM it is 9 degrees, sunny, with a 10 mph breeze.

rj pj

AND, the West Fork Road was also groomed today. Great skiing conditions!


Sun. Feb. 22

1:40 pm: Drifting snow and about 2″ of new last night gave us powder conditions again. The Near Side was rolled again today. We may groom tomorrow, depending on volunteer availability. Classic skiing will be awesome, and skating possible today/tomorrow. The temp today is about 13 F with 2 mph winds and bright sun.

Quite a few small ditches that cross the trail have revealed themselves and have running water. Use caution when crossing.


Sat.  Feb.  21

2:00 pm:  Snow, wind, about 20F this afternoon. Fox Road is drifted, Smith Rd. is getting that way (neither plowed).  The parking lot is OK if you can get to it. The groomers are rolling the snow but no effective grooming will happen until the wind settles down.

(More snow on the West Fork today and yesterday;  that road was plowed early this morning).

All Near and Far Side trails were rolled, however drifting snow is covering them on hills and meadows.

rj mj



Wed. Feb. 18

The West Fork trail was groomed from the gate near the Girl Scout Camp to Basin Campground….4 passes with the roller to Wild Bill Lake and two passes from there to Basin Campground.  Track was set on both sides of the grooming to Basin Campground.   Snow is good, but a little thin in places where the sun hits the road….but for now all is quite good….and because much of the trail is in the shade skiing should be good for a while.    For those more adventuresome, the snow is pristine from Basin Campground on up toward Camp Senia…..all of that should be very good skiing.   rh

Wed. Feb. 18

We groomed some of the skate lanes on the Near Side, however as this snow melts from the ground up, cover continues to thin.  There is still some nice skiing to be had, but watch for the thin spots, and the wet spots.

rj rm

Tues. Feb 17

Not much base, but it’s really pretty out there.  We groomed all the trails, and set track on the Near Side trails.  Skiers reported good skating and classic skiing.  Watch for thin spots on the hills, and water in low areas.  At 11:0o AM it is 28 degrees, calm, and sunny.

rj mj

Mon. Feb. 16

We received a foot of snow last night and it has now been rolled on all Near and Far side trails.  Part of the parking lot has been cleared as well.Last weeks warm weather got water running in the irrigation ditches so be careful when you cross them.  It will take some cold weather and a lot of shoveling to get these crossings back into shape.  Although more warm weather is expected this week, we hope to start building up our base again, in anticipation of more snow this coming weekend.  At 4:00 PM it is 27 degrees and sunny.

rj rm

Thurs. Feb. 5

All Near Side trails were groomed and tracked this morning.  At 11:30 it is 50 degrees, cloudy, and calm.  Warm temps. this week may prevent any grooming, and will thin the snow cover on the hills.

rj mj

Wed. Feb. 4

Today we hope to groom and track 2 inches of new snow.  It’s currently 16 degrees, partly cloudy, and calm.  We have 5 days of warm days and nights coming up so grooming will be determined by how cold it gets at night.

There was a bit too much snow to use our groomers, so we rolled out the new snow on all Near and Far trails.  No track set, but there will be good skiing on the packed snow.


rj rm

Sun. Feb. 1

7 inches of new snow last night was rolled out on all the Near and Far Side trails.  All the Near Side trails were groomed and tracked.  Currently it is 17 degrees, partly cloudy, with a 12 mph wind.  It’s gorgeous over there now, but if the wind picks up the tracks in open areas will drift over.

rj jc


All trails on the Near and Far Sides groomed for skating. Tracks are in good shape. Snow is thin in some places and trails may be narrowed. Use care. Skaters reporting excellent glide. Nice sunny day. Currentlywind from the NNW at 3mph. Temp is 34 degrees F.

lh ew

Fri. Jan. 30

After many extremely warm days, we are back to grooming the NC.  We even had an inch of new snow.  All the trails were groomed, however coverage is thin in some spots, especially on top of the hills.  Other things to watch for are irrigation ditches that are now running with water.  This has undermined the trails where they cross the ditches.  As yet the snow is holding up skiers, but be careful in these areas.  We will be grooming again tomorrow before the kids program, and again on Sunday.  Currently it is 39 degrees, sunny, and calm

rj mj

Mon. Jan. 26

We have had two days in the mid 50s with at least one more expected.  Keep that in mind if you are traveling any distance to ski at the NC.  Conditions are deteriorating, and although we still have coverage on the trails, it can be very icy in the morning and very soft in the afternoon.


Sun. Jan. 25

Yesterday nearly 100 kids were skiing on the trails in 50 degree weather so it will take some time to smooth out the ruts made in the warm soft snow.  That same warm weather created wet snow that then turns to ice when it cools at night.  A Zamboni would have been a more appropriate tool this morning for grooming.  However, we still have good coverage on the trails, and as the snow softens today, skiing will improve.  Currently it is 46 degrees, partly cloudy, and calm.  If you see folks walking on the trails, feel free to remind them that these are ski trails, not walking trails.


Sat. 24 Jan.

All Near Side Trails were groomed this morning.  Remember that the kids program continues today from around 12;30 to 2pm and parking will be limited and trails crowded.  Please do not park on the road.


Fri. Jan. 23

All trails on the Near and Far Sides groomed for skating. Play areas packed and groomed. Tracks are in good shape albeit a little icy.We did our best to take out the divots left by the powerline inspection vehicle. Skate skiing should be superb.

ew lh bj


 Tues. Jan 20

We will be grooming skate lanes this morning.  This should help make the current icy conditions much better.  Skating should be fast but fun.

OK we did in fact groom all the skate lanes.  The tracks are intact but icy.  It’s very difficult to create tracks out of ice balls.  Be very careful on the hills.  We have scratched up the surface, but it is still very icy.  Also, a tracked vehicle used to inspect the power line has created some hazards, especially on the Far Side.  As we groom more, these will fill in and pack down, but as yet they remain something to watch for.  Currently it is 29 degrees, partly cloudy, with 5mph winds.

rj mj

Sun. Jan. 18

All trails were groomed yesterday and today.  Track was set on the Near Side, however it got too warm to continue that process on the Far Side.  Currently it is 46 degrees, partly cloudy, and calm.  We will be grooming one time during the week based on temps., wind conditions, etc.

rj ct

Fri. Jan. 16

All trails were groomed this morning.  Tracks are holding up well and skate lanes are excellent.  If Mother Nature approves, we will be grooming again tomorrow, and Sunday.  High temps. or wind could prevent us from doing this.  It is currently 44 degrees, cloudy, and calm.

rj lh

Tuesday 13 Jan.

All Far Side Trails were groomed this morning and some trails track set.


Tuesday, Jan 13

We plan to groom early this morning. Conditions have been very good lately, temps in the 20’s.  Forecast is for warmer today…near 30, sunny.


Sun,  Jan 11

A few inches of nice new snow this morning; temps low 20’s; skiing is great.


Saturday 10 Jan. 10am

All Near Side Trails were groomed and track set where needed.  All Far Side Trails were groomed.  Nice day; no wind, warm and some sun.  See below for info. on Kids Programs which will impact the area today.


Friday, Jan. 9   noon

Great snow out there but the wind chill is NASTY!  All trails were groomed and tracks set on the Near Side. But wind filled in tracks and drifted in the open. Temperature is about 13 at noon. Roads and parking lot have been plowed but some drifting going on.  The forecast is for wind to die down and the temps to rise by tomorrow.  We plan to groom again in the morning.

Tomorrow, Sat, is the first of our four Saturday afternoon Kids Programs. After 1:00, the parking lot will be FULL. Please don’t plan to come to the Nordic Center if you are not part of the Program between 1:00 and 3:00 due to restricted parking space and busy trails. And do not park on the road.  Thanks.

gb  rj


Tues. Jan. 6 10:00 AM

An inch of new snow was rolled out on all Near Side trails.  Too warm to set track, however old tracks are visible, and are skiing just fine.  All three practice areas for the upcoming kids program were rolled and are firming up nicely.  The kids program starts this Sat. at 1:00 PM, and nearly 100 kids are signed up, so keep that in mind.  Currently it is 43 degrees, cloudy, and calm.

rj mj

Sun. Jan 4 10:30

All Near Side trails are tracked and groomed, and the Far Side has been rolled.  Currently 0 degrees, partly cloudy, with calm winds.  It’s a beautiful day at the NC with glittering frost on the snow and trees.

rj tj

Sat.  3 Jan.

We received about 3 inches of new snow.  It’s about 3 above zero at noon.  We plan to groom the Near Side Trails around 12:30.


Fri. Jan 2  10:00 AM

All trails have been groomed.  Skiers report excellent conditions.  It is currently 34 degrees, sunny, with a 5 mph wind.  If groomers find any lost items we will place them at the check in kiosk.  Re: lost items you can also call Grant at 406 425 0130

rj gb

Thurs. Jan 1

It’s a new year and things are looking good at the NC.  Lots of new snow has been tracked and groomed for skating.  No tracks were set on the Far Side but all trails were groomed.  We will try and groom all trails through the weekend, then it’s back to our regular schedule of weekend grooming and once during the week.

rj mj

Wed. Dec. 31

Drifted snow was rolled out on all Near Side trails this morning.  Some areas will be very good for skating and classic skiing while other areas are still bumpy from drifts that will flatten out as we groom more.  Tomorrow we hope to track and groom  all trails.  Currently it is 17 degrees, cloudy, and calm


Tues. Dec. 30

The last storm dumped about 8 inches of fresh powder on the Nordic Center. Today all trails were rolled, Near Side and Far Side. Conditions are sunny, but cold, with temps below zero. The snow is soft. The forecast for Wednesday is sunny and 24 degrees. It should be a gorgeous day out here. It would be a good day to classic ski.


Mon. Dec. 29

The parking lot at the NC has been plowed so you won’t get stuck if you head out to get some skiing in, however you will have to break trail through 8 in. of new snow, and you will need to dress for cold temps.  It is currently 3 below zero and the wind chill is 12 below.  We hope to get this new snow rolled out tomorrow, but it will remain cold until Wed.


Sunday pm update:

The West Fork Rd. now has about 3 miles of track set!  Grrreat skiing out there!


Sun. Dec.28 8:30 AM

100 percent chance of snow today, and lightly snowing now, so we will hold off on grooming until the snow event is over.  Currently it is 24 degrees, calm winds, with light snow.


Sat. Dec 27 4:00 PM

The west Fork Rd. was rolled and packed down today as far as Basin Campground.  If it isn’t snowing tomorrow, tracks will be set to Basin.

rh js

Sat. Dec. 27  12 noon

All trails were groomed this morning as we continue to pack down this new snow.  Classic tracks on the Near Side are looking good.  Currently it is 22 degrees, partly cloudy, and calm.  There may be some more snow on the way so stay tuned.

rj rm

Friday 26 Dec. 4pm.

All Near Side Trails were groomed and track set.  All Far Side Trails were packed.  Parking lot is plowed.  Thanks Les!  And for plowing the Fox and Smith roads; teaching; pulling folks out of ditches; etc.


Friday 26 Dec. 11:30am.

Happy Boxing Day!  All trails were packed this morning.  Further grooming to take place this afternoon.


Friday, 26 Dec., 7:30 am.

The Plan: A grooming team will begin packing down the snow starting at 8:30. Set tracks may not happen today. Scheduled ski lessons can be conducted. If necessary, we will plow a lane on Fox and Smith Rds to the Nordic Center. The parking lot also will be plowed. The forecast is for 23 degrees and sunny. This should be an awesome day at the Nordic Center.


Thursday 25 Dec.  The Nordic Center is closed today.  Fox Road has not been plowed as of 1:45pm.

We will try again tomorrow morning to pack down the new snow.


Thursday 25 Dec.

Santa gave us a 10″ snowfall and it is still snowing at 8:45am.  We plan on rolling trails this afternoon and groom and set track on Friday.

Wednesday 24 Dec.

All main Near Side trails were groomed this morning.  Skiing on those trails should be good.  Come on out and get some exercise before those big Christmas dinners!


Tuesday 23 Dec.


We plan on touching up the trails tomorrow morning.  Up to 10″ of snow is forcast for Wed. and Thur. so keep your fingers crossed.

AND, the West Fork Road, although not groomed, is another nice option for skiing. About 2″ of new snow this morning near the gate, then more as you go up the road and past Basin Campground.

Monday, Dec. 22

The weather deteriorated yesterday afternoon and today:  windy and upper 20’s.  So conditions are pretty icey and cold wind chill. We’ll wait to see what happens with this weather and hope for significant snow fall. Stand by…


Sunday, Dec. 21

Happy Solstice & Winter!  Snow conditions remain excellent at RLNC.  All trails received  minimal grooming this morning.  The wind came up about 10:00 and so did the temperature…above 40. Expect showers, wind, calm, sun today.


Sat. Dec. 20

All trails groomed this morning.  Conditions are very good.  There are some thin spots on the crests of hills, but one can ski over them.  As of 10:30 it is 34 degrees, partly cloudy, and calm winds.

rj ew

Friday, 19 December

All trails were touched up this morning. Skiing is great, both track and skate. There is good coverage everywhere, save a few icey spots on the top of hills and a couple of holes with running water below.

We plan to groom everything completely Sat & Sun mornings, with weather predictions dry and 30’s daytime and upper 20’s at night.


Tues. Dec. 16

Most trails have been tracked for classic skiing, and conditions are very good.  As of 10:00 AM it is 20 degrees, partly cloudy, with SE winds at 7 mph.

rj ew

Monday, Dec. 15

Machinery, Arctic Cat Bearcat

This is the day we’ve been waiting for! It’s sunny, low 20’s, no wind, 4-5″ of new snow and all trails have been groomed for your skiing pleasure this morning at RLNC.  Classic tracks will be set tomorrow, and conditions should be excellent for awhile.  There’s still a chance you can find a hazard or two, mostly a gaping hole with water running under the trail, beneath a little new snow cover;  we have tried to mark all those, so pay attention.

The parking lot is plowed.

rj  mj

Sun. Dec. 14

Near Side trails were groomed and a light snow continues to fall.  Most bare spots have enough snow to get across them, and many areas still have a good base.  Some places are icy so be careful.

rj gb

Sun. Dec. 14

Finally cold enough to groom what’s left of the snow at the NC.  We received a half in. last night, and more snow could fall today and this evening.  Hope to groom portions of the Near Side this morning.  There will be sufficient snow  for some practice, in most meadows and on the north side of tree bunches.  Grooming will start around 9:30.


Sun. Dec. 6

All skate lanes have been groomed on the Near and Far Side.  Tracks are holding up in most places, however they are icy in the mornings.  As of 10:00 AM it is 42 degrees, sunny, and calm.  Snow will continue to disappear so be careful.

rj ed

Sat. Dec. 5

The skate lanes were groomed today at the NC, and we hope to do that again tomorrow morning.  Cover continues to thin with this warm weather, so we can’t set track, however skiing in the skate lanes is very good after it’s groomed.  We’ll put up another report tomorrow, and keep you informed about conditions.  If the forecast is right, we may run out of snow again.  Stay tuned.


Fri. Dec.4,

We hope to groom the Nordic Center Sat. and Sun. morning, however, mother nature may have other ideas.  If it is too warm our equipment plugs up with sticky snow, and we can’t groom.  Also, as the snow cover thins, it becomes impossible to set track, since this involves cutting a rut into the snow a couple inches deep.  The forecast for the next few days calls for temps. in the 40s every day, so once again obstacles and bare patches will emerge, so be careful.  If temps. fall below or close to freezing, we will at least groom the skate lanes this weekend.


Wed. Dec. 3, 9:00 Am

All Near Side trails have been tracked, conditions are excellent.  We hope to groom again on Sat. and Sun. mornings unless mother nature says otherwise.  If it is too warm we can’t groom.  Have fun.


Tues. Dec. 2, 11:00 AM

We have now groomed out all the new snow on all the trails, near side and far side, and hope to set track soon.  It is a beautiful day at the NC, 29 degrees, sunny, and calm.


Sun. Nov.30, 1:00

A foot of new snow has been rolled out at the NC.  All trails are ready for some skiing and will be tracked and groomed tomorrow morning.  Currently it is 17 degrees, sunny, and calm.  Be careful in the parking lot until we get it plowed out.  This should happen by this evening or early tomorrow.

rj lh

Sat., Nov. 29, 6 pm

Braving a zero temperature and a biting wind, a small, but dedicated and hardy group cleared downed trees and branches from the trails. All trails are open, but will probably be rough under a thin cover of fresh snow. About 4 inches has fallen at this time. Forecast for Sunday is 12 degrees. The decision whether grooming can be done will be made in the morning.


Sat., Nov. 29, 11:30 am

The NC is open, but trails are not groomed and there are trees and branches down on most trails. Thanks to the snow fence, most trails have snow and you could ski if you wanted to: both skate and classic, but the snow is freezing, rough and full of debri. Dress very well, the temperature is about 5 degrees, with some wind, and it is snowing lightly.

THERE IS A WORK PARTY at 1 PM today to clear trails. Please join us if you can.


Fri., Nov. 28, 10:30 am

HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS: NORDIC CENTER IS CLOSED. There are winds up to 60 mph. Some ranch fencing has blown over, six horses have escaped and are in the parking lot, so the gate is closed. The horses cannot be moved until the wind quits. Please do not enter. Also, some metal roofing sheets have blown onto the trails in the west side of the NC. And-the toilet has blown over.


Thurs. Nov. 27, 10:00 AM

All trails have been rolled.  Too warm to set track, but there is a firm base, and good cover on all trails.  As of 10:00 AM it is 50 degrees, with a 12 mph wind.


Wed. Nov. 26, 7 pm

The Nordic Center received about 10 inches of snow in this last storm. Groomers rolled the trails yesterday and today and plan to finish grooming tomorrow. The parking lot has been plowed and there is a toilet. The forecast for Thursday and Friday is is for partly sunny skies and 44 degrees. Conditions should be wonderful for the next four days.


 Sun. Nov. 21

Sorry the Sunday report is a bit late.  The big winds yesterday blew down branches and a few dead trees onto our trails.  Most of that debris has been cleaned up and the trails have held up pretty well through the warm spell.  Skating should be excellent, however cover has gotten a bit thin for setting track.  Currently, as of 1:30 PM, it is 34 degrees with no wind.


Tues. Nov. 18

All near side trails have been groomed for skating and classic skiing.  The Far side has wind blown snow over many of the trails, but will be groomed tomorrow.  Conditions are very good, but remember that the cover is thin, and there is always the chance of a hidden obstacle.


Thurs. Nov. 13

With the onset of snow and cold weather, wheels are turning at the Nordic Center.  All trails have been rolled,the parking lot is plowed, and we hope to set some track today.  It is early season conditions with thin cover so watch for obstacles.  At 10:00 AM it is 0 degrees with calm winds.


Friday, November 7, 2014-Nordic Center Set Up Day Tomorrow

WHEN: SATURDAY, NOV. 8 at 9 am. Meet at the parking lot. Bring the usual: leather gloves, wire cutters, pliers, mallets, chain saw, water, snacks, sunglasses, clothes for the day. We’ll need to check trails for downed trees and install snow fence. The forecast is for 55 degrees and sunny, so a perfect day for this.

For more info: 425-3804, Les

Monday, October 27, 2014-Update

Hello skiers! What a beautiful fall we have had. No one wants it to stop. But for those who have stopped looking at the beautiful fall colors and have begun thinking about winter at the Nordic Center, here’s an update. We are planning to keep a close eye on weather forecasts for an indication of freeze up, then with relatively short notice, announce a work day for setting up snow fence and clearing trails. It appears that warm weather will continue until somewhere about mid-November. Our legendary grooming team is at the ready and our Nordic team is planning for another epic winter.

So, keep an eye on this report for a notice of a work party. An email will also be sent to our volunteer list.


April 3, 2014-The Nordic Center is Closed to Skiing

The Nordic Center is officially closed. Unlike previous years when we stopped grooming, but allowed skiing, due to our new lease and insurance provisions, we have to suspend all skiing. The Nordic Center had a fantastic year thanks to the solid commitment made by many volunteers, abundant snow, awesome grooming, the best kids program ever and fun events. Thanks for your support and we hope that you enjoyed the Nordic Center this year as much as we did. See you next year!

BRTA Board

Tuesday, April 1st: Good News-Bad News

Normally, this is the time of the year when conditions require that grooming stops. But this year, the snow has never been deeper and we have some cold nights coming up. However, warm days suggest skiing in the morning if you can.

Bad News: the parking lot is very soft. 4WD recommended. Markers enclose an area where we think the chance of getting stuck is lower. Be careful, there’s not much room, so don’t block anyone in. DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD- THE SHERIFF WILL TICKET YOU.

Good News: Some Near Side trails have been rolled this morning and skiing conditions are very good. You may have to break trail.



Sat. March 29

Most skate lanes were groomed for skating this morning.  Should be good until it gets soft later on.  Currently it is 46 degrees, 15mph winds, and cloudy.


Fri. March 28

We hope to groom the skate lanes tomorrow morning if it gets cold enough tonight.  This could be the last groomed skiing of the year, so you know what to do.  The parking lot is muddy but passable, and should be better after a cold night.



Beautiful new snow; excellent grooming. The Roosevelt kids are out there enjoying it…you should too!  All Near Side trails groomed and track set.  Soft snow and 15 degrees early, warming up to about 30 in the forecast.

rj, mj

Sun. March 23

All Near Side trails were groomed and tracked this morning.  Conditions are excellent.  As the season comes to an end, we will try to groom skate lanes on cold mornings, and will track new snow if it looks like it will stay cold for a couple days.  Don’t forget to try some crust skiing on cold mornings, and go where ever you want.

rj lh

Sat. March 22  11:oo

3 inches of new snow have been groomed and tracked on all Near Side trails.  It’s currently 14 degrees, calm, and partly cloudy.  Frost on the trees, and new white snow makes this a gorgeous day at the Center.

rj ew

Thursday 20 March 9:45am

All Near Side Trails have been groomed and track set.  The parking lot has not been plowed so be careful parking.  This is a great day to get out and enjoy!!


Thursday 20 March

Looks like some nice spring days to ski.  Groomers will be out this morning to touch up trails on the Near Side.  Report to follow.

Please do not park on the county road; use 4 wheel drive and park in the parking area.  Thank you!

Tuesday 18 March 9:40am

All trails were rolled on the Near Side.  Parking lot is not plowed so we recommend 4 wheel drive only.  Do not drive beyond the stakes in the lot.  It should be good skiing so enjoy.


Tuesday 18 March

We received about 10 inches of new snow.  Will attempt to roll some trails this morning.

Sat., March 15

The trails on the Near Side that have been groomed this week were redone this morning and are in great shape (about 6 or 7 km) An attempt was made at setting tracks, but the dry surface snow made it difficult. A cool north wind and low 30’s this morning. No new snow. Full moon tonight! (No official moonlight ski scheduled).

gb sf


Friday the 14th

A few more kms of trail were groomed on the Near Side this morning. No tracks are set as both track setters were not working (possibly tomorrow).  Conditions are great where we have groomed twice this week.  Crust was about an inch thick this morning…not enough to crust cruise unless you’re a lightweight.  Everything was softening up about 10:00.

As stated Wednesday, don’t expect a lot of grooming in March as conditions are often difficult and we don’t see a lot of skiers out there any more.


Thursday, March 13,   noonish

Grooming was better this morning as the snow has settled and dried out and cooled.  A few more kilometers  of trails have been groomed for skating on the Near Side. No tracks have been set, but the Bridger kids set some on their own yesterday!   We’re nervous about getting the Ginzu groomer out there to set track b/c it is heavy and can bog down in this soft snow.  The parking lot is ugly, the county roads are good, the birds are back.  Sounds like spring.

Crust cruising might start to become good if nights are cold and days are warm (it wasn’t quite there this morning).



Wednesday, 12 March, 5 pm

The Nordic Center remains open, however, unless we get a long spell of cold weather with some new snow, grooming operations are suspended. The trail base is too soft to support the weight of the grooming equipment. Skiers should watch for soft spots as well and are advised to ski in the center of the skate lanes. The edges of the packed base are very soft.

Daytime temps are forecast to be 40-58 for the next week. Overnight temps just below freezing. Very early birds may find a top crust on the trails, turning to mush soon after. Skate skiing will be difficult if not impossible. The parking lot is a muddy mess, so be certain that your vehicle can negotiate it’s way.

Tuesday, 11 March, 3 pm

Your very hardy team of groomers made a very valiant effort to groom today. However, conditions were so soft for the equipment, that efforts had to be ceased. But skiing was good this morning.


Friday, 7 March 7:30 pm

The Near Side was groomed today and tracks set. Conditions quickly went from icy to soft as the morning heated up. Conditions do not allow us to groom tomorrow, Saturday, unfortunately, and the trails will likely be fairly cut up. If you plan to ski Saturday, go early and ski fast before the snow softens. We plan to groom again Sunday morning. Note that TAP 365 will have an event from 11 am to 2 pm Sunday, the public is invited to share music, food and refreshments.



Monday 3 March 9:am

All Near Side Trails were groomed and track set this morning.  Far Side Trails were rolled yesterday.  Roads into the Nordic Center have been plowed this morning.  Partly suunny and 34, no wind.  Come out and enjoy!


Sunday 2 March

All Near and Far Side Trails have been rolled.  Roads into Nordic Center are in good condition.  We plan to groom tomorrow weather permitting.


Sunday 2 March

All Carbon County roads are closed until 6am tomorrow.  If groomers can get through sometime this afternoon we will roll trails. Check back for updates.


Wed., Feb. 26

The entire Nordic Center was rolled and is skiing great, both skate and classic. Snow is soft and still cold on the surface. Sunny and in the 20’s at midday.  We did not set tracks as the forecast is for snow tonight.  We will hit it again Friday morning.

[Friday night at the Roman Theater in Red Lodge:   the annual BRTA Backcountry Film Festival.  7:00 pm.  have fun and support BRTA!]

gb   rj

Tuesday night

We plan to roll and groom at the Nordic Center tomorrow morning.  After light snow falls and cold temps with a little wind so far this week, we should be into some great skiing tomorrow (mild weather predicted for Wednesday).



Sat. 22 Feb.

All Near and Far Side Trails were rolled this afternoon.  More snow expected tomorrow.  We will not roll or groom if it is snowing or blowing, but you can enjoy the fresh powder just the same.



Sat. 22 Feb.

We received about 8-10″ of new snow.  We will roll the new snow sometime after 1:30pm today.


Fri. Feb. 21

Near Side trails were groomed and tracked this morning.  Snow is predicted for the next few days, so we will be rolling that out as it comes.  It is currently snowing lightly, 22 degrees, and calm winds.

rj rm

Thurs. Feb. 20

All Near and Far Side trails were groomed for skating this morning.  The skating is very good, however tracks can’t be set until we get some new snow.  At 10:30 AM it is 23 degrees, sunny and calm.

Tues. Feb. 18

An inch of new snow last night was groomed out on the Near Side this morning.  Still too icy to set track but if we should get more snow this week, we will try to set some track for the weekend.  The skating is very good, and we have a nice base so cooler temps. this week should make for good skiing.

rj mj

Monday 17 Feb.

All Near Side Trails have been groomed except Power Line Hill.  It should be a good day to get out there as the wind has died down.  No tracks were set as conditions were not favorable.


Monday 17 Feb.

We plan to groom at least the Near Side Trails this morning.  Check in for final report later this morning.


parking reminder:

On Monday, the 17th, they will be trucking hay from stacks near our parking lot.  If you ski on Monday try to leave the NE part of the parking lot open.  Park on the west part of the lot as much as possible.  It takes a lot of room to turn a semi.


Saturday 15 Feb. 9:30am

All Near and Far Side Trails have been groomed this morning.  Tracks may be a bit icy in spots.  Trace of snow overnight; breezy on hill tops.  Skating should be good. Moonlight ski tonight; 6pm; – ?


Friday Feb. 14 11:00 AM  Take your sweetie skiing

We are getting things cleaned up after our big winds and warm weather.  There is still some small debris on the trails but nothing big.  Both Near and Far Sides have been groomed for skating, and the Far Side was tracked for classic.  Skating is fast.  We hope to groom Sat. and Sun. morning, weather permitting.

Wed. Feb. 12  10:30 AM

Near Side trails have been groomed for skating and classic skiing.  The Far Side has been rolled.  Warm sticky snow prevented us from setting track on the far side.  It is currently 42 degrees, cloudy, with occasional gusty winds.

rj ms

Sunday, Feb. 9  10:30 AM

Lots of new snow at the center has been rolled out on both Near and Far Sides.  It is currently zero degrees, calm, with light snow.  It’s a winter wonderland out there.

rj rh


Items found at the Nordic Center in the past several weeks.

A black ski parka, one black glove and one pair of ski poles. The glove and the ski poles are at the kiosk, parking lot, Nordic Center. To claim the jacket, call Les: 425-3804.


Friday, Feb. 8

All Near Side trails have been groomed for skating and tracked for classic skiing.  All Far Side trails have been rolled.  At 12:00 noon it is 15 degrees, cloudy, and calm.  Conditions are excellent.

rj ew

Monday, 3 Feb. 2:30 pm

If you don’t mind 4 degree temps with some wind, trail conditions at the NC for skating are excellent this afternoon. A little fluff on top of a firm base. Set tracks are windblown in many places. The next grooming is planned for after this snow storm. Forecast is for 6″ of new snow by Tuesday morning. Tuesday temp is -3.


Sunday, 2 Feb. 12:30 pm

All Near Side trails were groomed and had new tracks set. The Far Side was not groomed in anticipation of more snow tomorrow. Conditions today are awesome; bright sun, 21 degrees, barely a breeze. Feel the aura of about 150 happy kids that showed up yesterday for our Kids Ski Fun Day with the Cody xc group. Forecast is for 4″ more snow through tomorrow night.

ew, lh; lh

Saturday 1 Feb.

All trails on the Near Side were groomed or rolled and most were track set.  All trails on the Far Side were rolled.  We received 2-3″ of new snow.


Friday, 31 Jan. 8:30 am

Early breaking news from our grooming team that is hard at it at the Nordic Center this morning: all trails, Near and Far Side will be groomed, skate lanes and set tracks. Conditions are terrific today and our groomers are encouraging everyone to get out there for one of the best days of the year. Temperature is 17 now, with a high of 23 forecast, partly sunny and calm winds. Come enjoy this great day.

lh, rm, ew

Wednesday, 29 Jan. 1:30 pm

Conditions are very good for classic skiers, with good tracks in protected areas – exposed tracks are windblown. Skating lanes are soft. Temps are mid-30’s. Grooming will probably not be done until after this storm. Regardless, all trails are planned to be groomed on Friday.

Saturday is a very big day at the Nordic Center. First, a group of about 16 will conduct a women’s clinic in the morning. Then our 4th and last Kids Ski Lesson will run from about 12:30 to about 2:30 pm. In addition to the 90 kids in our program, about 100 kids and parents from Cody will join us.

If you can, schedule your skiing in the morning or late afternoon. It’s the parking, not the trails, that are the problem. Remember, no parking on the road. Sunday looks like a great day for the Nordic Center. We’ll try to groom Sunday morning.


Monday 27 Jan. 5pm

All Near Side trails were groomed and track set.  Tomorrow should be a great day to get out there!


Monday 27 Jan. 12:45pm

All Near and Far Side trails were rolled this morning.  We will try to groom and set track this afternoon.  Probably 6-8″ of snow fell but it was wind blown and difficult to measure.


Monday 27 Jan.

We received about a foot of snow yesterday.  We plan on rolling trails, and plowing some parking today.  It may be afternoon before we complete the jobs.


Saturday 25 Jan.

All trails on the Near Side were groomed and track set where needed.  Large group of learn to ski to be on site noon to about 2pm.


Thurs. Jan. 23

2 inches of new snow has been groomed and tracked on all trails.  Currently 22 degrees sunny and calm.  Excellent conditions.  Watch for rabbit, fox, and moose tracks.

rj rm

Mon. Jan. 20

All trails were groomed for skating this morning, and tracks are still visible with a dusting of new snow over them.  Skating should be fast all day with temps. topping out in the 30s.

rj ct

Sun. Jan. 19

50 degrees at the Nordic Center as of 8:00 AM.  This means we can’t groom, however the snow will be soft and you can certainly have a good day of skiing.


Saturday 18 Jan.

All trails on the Near and Far Side were groomed.  Tracks look OK, but a bit icy.  They will soften up as temperatures rise.

Note that there will be a large crowd of people in the afternoon taking ski lessons.  If you want a less crowded area, try the Far Side.


Friday, Jan. 17

All trails are well-groomed and the snow is excellent for all types of skiing.  Temperatures in the low 40’s and lots of sun.  Predictions for Saturday call for temps in the mid 40’s and more sun, so snow conditions will be firm in the morning, softening about 10:00 on.

Watch for about 80 kids in their program at RLNC from 1:00 to 2:30 (you can still ski all you want);  parking will be tight, be patient and the “parking police” will accommodate you. [Never park on the road].

gb ew

Thurs. Jan.16

Near Side trails were groomed for skating and tracked for classic this morning.  There are still some ruts due to the warm windy weather of the past few days, but generally, conditions are very good.  The far Side was rolled, and if it doesn’t get too warm we hope to groom that as well.  It is currently 35 degrees and calm.

rj mj

Tues. Jan. 14

At least a foot of new snow was packed down and rolled on the Near Side.  Not much done on the Far Side.  That should start to happen tomorrow.  We also hope to track and groom the Near Side tomorrow if the weather cooperates.  Cross your fingers that the wind stays down.

rj ew rm

Sunday 12 Jan.

All trails on the Near Side were groomed and track set.  All trails on the Far Side were rolled.  Very windy in spots, but warm so get out and enjoy!  We received 1-2″ of snow last night.



Sat. Jan. 11

Some trails on the Near Side have been groomed and tracked this morning, however warm winds prevented us from completing all trails.  Today is a big ski day, with free lessons for adults at 10:00, and then the kids program starting at 1:00.  There is wind in the forecast, however as of 9:30 it is 44 degrees with SW winds at 15 mph.

rj rm

Friday  January 10

The Far Side was groomed this morning and conditions there are excellent for skate or classic skiing.  The Near Side will be groomed Sat. morning in anticipation of LOTS of skiers attending adult lessons in the morning and kids’ lessons in the afternoon.  The wind has picked up this afternoon and tracks are filling in in exposed areas (temps in the low 30’s).

Tonight’s  forecast is 50% chance of snow plus wind;   Tomorrow:   windy and warm.   Be careful on snow covered roads…they get very slick when the wind blows, and the ditches will suck you in!


Wed. Jan. 8

Some Near Side trails groomed and tracked, all Far Side trails groomed and tracked.  Half inch of new snow has made it beautiful.  Working on a skating oval and practice areas for the kids program.  Feel free to use them.

rj mj

Sun. Jan. 5

All trails were rolled this afternoon, and the near side trails were tracked for classic skiing.  There are a few humps and bumps from drifted snow, but mostly it’s fantastic conditions.

rj tj

Sat. Jan. 4,

3 inches of new snow was rolled this morning, however another snow shower has moved in and has dumped another 2 inches, and it’s still snowing.  We hope to groom and set track tomorrow morning if mother nature cooperates.  Meanwhile all this new snow has made the nordic ctr. gorgeous.

rj mj

Friday, January 3, 2014

Most Near Side trails were touched up this morning. Classic tracks are excellent. Skate lanes are mostly good to excellent but grooming them was minimal due to warm temperatures and inability to lower the knives into the snow.  Conditions continue to be good to excellent and temps warming before wind and lower temps this pm.  We shall see how much snow develops over night and groom hard for the weekend.



Thursday 2 Jan.

All trrails were groomed on the Near Side and most track set.  All trails on the Far Side were rolled.  Nice warm day; little wind.


Wednesday 1 Jan.

All Near and Far Side Trails have been rolled.  We anticipate grooming and track setting tomorrow.


Wednesday 1 January

We received 3-4″ of snow and it is still snowing.  (9:30am)  We expect to groom today after the snow stops.


Tuesday 31 Dec.

All trails on the Nordic Center were groomed this morning.  Tracks were still good.  The West Fork Road was groomed and track set.  We expect to touch up the Nordic Center tomorrow morning.


Monday, Dec. 30

All Near Side trails were groomed and tracks set this morning. Snow is excellent for skate or classic. Temperatures are warm today, about 32.  We plan to groom everything tomorrow morning.

gb, rh

Sun. Dec. 29

All trails were groomed and tracked this morning.  There is a firm base with some new groomed snow on top, making for excellent conditions.  Currently sunny, 18 degrees, with SE winds at 8 mph.

rj rh

Sat. Dec. 28

Near side trails were groomed for skating this morning, however snow showers are filling tracks and covering our corduroy.  As of 9:30 AM it is 24 degrees, light snow, with NW winds at 5 mph.  We hope to groom and set new tracks tomorrow morning.

West Fork Road update:  lots of snow; groomed Thursday, including tracks set both sides of the road to Basin Camp Ground (some wind, snow and sun have hurt those tracks in the open spaces). Great conditions above Basin CG, as usual.  Lots of use from the gate to Wild Bill Lake.


Fri. Dec. 27

All skate lanes were groomed this morning, both Near and Far Sides.  Tracks are in place, a bit icy in places, and will be reset should we get some snow on Saturday.  Currently 44 degrees, light breeze from the SE, and sunny.

rj mj

Dec. 26, (Boxing Day)

Great Snow. Great Grooming. Great Weather. RL Nordic Center is ready for you. Near Side trails were touched up this morning and skating and track skiing are excellent. Expect warm, cloudy weather today.



Wednesday 25 Dec.

All trails on the Near and Far Side have been grromed and most trails track set.  Sunny, temperatures in the 20’s, calm wind.  Get out and enjoy!


Tuesday 24 Dec.


All Near Side trails were groomed or rolled and some track set.  All Far Side trails were rolled.  It’s a beautiful day, sunny and no wind; temperatures in the 30’s. rm

Tuesday 24 Dec.

We received 1-2″ of snow overnight.  At 7am. it is very windy.  We intend to groom if the winds die down this mornig.


Mon. Dec. 23

Wow!  3 more inches last night.  The near side has been groomed and tracked.  The far side was rolled yesterday, so there is 3 inches over the packed powder.  It is currently cloudy, 31 degrees, and no wind.

rj ew

Sun. Dec. 22

At least 4 inches of new snow has been rolled on all trails.  At 12 noon it is 13 degrees, calm, with very light snow.  Absolutely gorgeous out there.  No tracks have been set, however tomorrow we hope to groom and set track.


Fri. Dec 20

The recent storm left 1-3″ of new snow. All Near Side trails were groomed and track set. Far Side trails were rolled. We’re planning to groom again Saturday. Forecast for Saturday is a high of 23 degrees with 60% chance of 1″ of snow. Conditions are very good with windblown icy spots.


Sun. Dec. 15

Near Side trails have all been groomed for skating this morning.  The tracks are still in good shape.  As of 11:00 AM it is 50 degrees and calm, but our snow is holding up well, and skiing is great.

ew rh

Sat. Dec. 14

All Near Side trails have been groomed for skating and classic skiing.  Conditions are excellent.  Far Side trails have also been groomed for skating and classic, but the snow is a bit softer. As of 11:00 AM it is 37 degrees with calm winds.  All trails will be groomed again tomorrow morning.

Friday the 13th

Rolled out all of the Far Side (all trails are open with the usual precautions on steep downhills and creek crossings).  Near Side trails continue to be in good condition for skate and track skiing. Still some caution needed on ditch crossings and edges of trails (softness factor).  The snow is settling in this warmer weather and there is water flowing in the ditches underneath, so be aware.  Plans are to groom hard Saturday morning if the temps don’t stay above freezing.


December 11, 2013;  high noon

The entire Near Side trails have been tracked and groomed and skiing is excellent (skating is still slow).  The new 4″ of snow last night plus warm and sunny today has everyone cheering!  The Far Side trails were rolled so should be great,  and you can check out the new bridge on the north fence line over there.  Wind is in the forecast so if in doubt, go skiing now.

It is also reported that the West Fork Road has snow, but we haven’t groomed out there yet.

gb, sf

Dec. 7, Sat. evening

All near side trails have been groomed for skating and tracked for classic.  Some intrepid nordic nords were out today cleaning up trails and they did a fantastic job.  Tomorrow work will begin on the Far Side.

rj lh rm gb

Dec. 7, Sat. 2013

Greetings skier friends. We are OFFICIALLY OPEN. But really? Only one skier braved the Nordic Center so far. I know it’s cold, but our groomers are surviving. Of course, many are from N. Dakota.

Progress was made today with the Ginzus groomers on some trails, but many trails still have only been rolled. There currently are several hazards out there: frozen horse poop prevails on the trails, the trails are very uneven, with soft spots, and 21 horses, 4 large feet each walked down the trails for several days after we started rolling, leaving huge post-holes, so be careful. It’s about -18 degrees today with partly sunny skies.

We could use some extra help this year getting things in shape.

1. If some of you were inclined to, and had a small metal shovel that you could tote in a day pack, scoop the horse poop from the trail while you ski. Try to get it all. Please replace the holes with fresh poop-free snow. It’s ok in this instance to take your skis off to work since we have to groom up the horse foot holes. If the poop remains, we’ll see it again in spring when it will melt and get on your skis.

2. Also, if you took a pruner along and cut back (or broke) any branches that overhang the trail so we don’t have eye injuries.

3. The Warming Hut has been a hangout for the horses as well. While they were there, they pooped all over the area. So we could use a lot of help there to shovel the poop out. Ok to walk there from the parking lot. Think of shoveling as “Cross-training”.


Dec. 6, Fri. 2013

Horses are gone, gates are open, and one trail to the south of the parking lot has been groomed for skating and tracked for classic. All trails have been rolled so they can be skied, but until we dress them up with the groomer, they will be a bit lumpy and bumpy. Watch for horse poop and deep holes on the trails we haven’t groomed. More cleanup and grooming will be taking place tomorrow.

rj lh

Dec. 5, Thurs. 2013

The grooming team put in another hard day today to get the trails in shape, but a fair amount of work is still necessary. Also, the horse re-location still needs to occur before we can complete our trail grooming. We’ll be open soon, so stay tuned to this report for the opening day notice.


Dec. 4, Wed. 2013

Grooming has started at the Nordic Ctr.  There is a lot of work to do to get this deep snow ready for skiing, but we are making good progress.  Currently there are a number of horses that need to be moved before we can open gates and let the public in.  As soon as that happens, we will let you know, and skiing can begin

rj gb rm

November 23, Sat., 2013

Just an update for you folks looking over the NC gate, hoping for some skiing. The Nordic Center is basically ready, but not officially open. We have been driving around on the snow setting trail markers, but not grooming, sorry. With some warm weather ahead next week, we’ll take care of a few last tasks.  As we did last year, when it’s time to groom and ski, the horses will be re-located. Then it’s just make it snow.


November 14, Thursday, 2013

WORK PARTY: Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1 pm. Meet at the Nordic Center parking lot.

We’ll finish the bridge, fix some snow fence and hang some signs. Watch the horses, they bite car paint, park inside the electric fence. Don’t miss the bridge christening.

Tools: wire cutters, pliers, mauls for snow fence. Impact driver, shovel for bridge.

Wear good boots, warm clothes, could be mucky and cold.


November 5, Tuesday, 2013

WORK PARTY: Bridge building, mounting signs, trail clearing, snow fence installation.

When: Thursday, Nov. 7, 1 pm until dark.

Meet: Parking lot, Nordic Center

Bring: Gloves, good boots, warm clothes, hat, sunglasses, WATER, snacks.

Bridge: we have to carry two 8 x 8″ x 16′ beams across a shallow (5″ +) creek, so if anyone has some tall rubber boots to wear for this part, bring them.

Tools: Impact drill drivers with Torx bits: T-20, 25, 30. We’re driving 5″ Torx head screws-I think it’s a T-30 bit. Pliers, wire cutters, shovels, pick axe.

If we have a good day, the Nordic Center is done and we can just wait for snow.


November 1, Friday, 2013

Nordic Center Update: There still is some set up work to do: hang signs, clear trails, and build a bridge. Check HERE for the next work day schedule.  For questions call Les: 425-3804.

October 22, Tuesday, 2013

We’ll go at it again today at 1 pm. Meet at the parking lot. Bring gloves, water, good boots, pliers, wire cutters. We’ll be mostly installing snow fence and may get to trail clearing.

Questions: Les 425-3804

October 21, Monday, 2013

OK, looks like we’ll do several short days or so of work instead of one long one.

Start: 1 pm Tuesday, 22nd, at the parking lot. We won’t work later than happy hour. Bring the usual stuff, especially good boots, it’ll be wet probably. We’ll assess the next day at end of business.

Questions: Les, 425-3804

October 18, Friday, 2013

CANCELLED: Set up day for Saturday, October 19. No bare ground at the NC. Forecast is for mostly sunny, warm weather for the next 10 days or so. We’ll wait until next Monday, 21st, look at it, then probably put out a call for mid-week work teams that can do a bit over several days/weeks. We did this last year. The work doesn’t have to all be done in one day.

PASS THE WORD TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS that you talked to that may not be on our email contact list.



October 17, 2013

Our plan for Saturday (19th) was to work on bare, dry ground. Hopefully, most of the last nights snow will melt by Saturday with the warm weather the next two days and we can still perform our setup. We will check things out and if conditions don’t look good, we’ll postpone the fun to another day.

Check here for the latest info.


September 19, 2013

Hi Folks, here’s a note for those of you that might be looking for early news about the Nordic Center. We’re looking forward to a snowy winter, great xc skiing and Nordic events. If you’d like to help us get going, read the following:


Each year at this time we need to set up the Nordic Center for winter skiing.  Extra help is needed and appreciated. Join us for a kick-off day of work and fun.

When: Saturday, October 19th, 2013, 10 AM to 2 PM.

What: Preparing the NC for winter xc skiing. Jobs: hauling firewood, clearing trails, installing snow fences and signs.

Where: Meet at the Nordic Center parking lot on Smith Rd.

Bring: Bring gloves, work clothes, good boots (ground could be wet), water, rake, shovel, chain saw, ax, maul, sledge hammer, wire cutter, pliers. For more info: 425-3804.





March 31, 2012

Red Lodge Nordic Center has had another great season despite low snowfall. Thanks for your support and hope you enjoyed.  With spring meltdown in full swing, we are closed and will no longer groom.  If it snows (and it will), feel free to come out and ski, but trails will not be groomed, as heat and sun will ruin any grooming in a hurry.


Sunday March 24  10:30 am

The new snow has now been rolled and groomed for skating, however classic skiers reported that it was nice skiing even without tracks being set.  It is currently 21 degrees, calm, and beautiful out there. Some of the best skiing of the year on both the near side and the far side.

mj ct


Sat. March 23

8 inches of new snow last night.  The near side has been rolled, hope to get the far side later today.  Currently 17 degrees, calm, and gorgeous.  Enjoy.

rj lh

Thur. 21 March 10:30 am.

Trails on the Near Side have been groomed.  Temperatures the next few days will be cool with some snow so get out and enjoy the end of the Nordic season!

Thur. 21 March

About an inch of new snow fell this morning.  We plan to groom some of the Near Side trails this morning to smooth out the drifting from Monday and pack the new snow.



Tues.  March 19

An inch of new snow was groomed this morning.  No tracks were set, however where the new snow was not windblown it should be good skiing.  Watch for coyote, fox, marten, and rabbit tracks.  There is some snow predicted for Thursday, and then cool temps. so this coming weekend might be a good last hurrah.

rj rm

Monday 18 March

We will groom tomorrow morning if conditions permit.

Tues. March 12

5 in. of new snow was tracked and groomed today on the near side.  Warm weather is in the forecast but mornings should be good for a bit.

Sat. March 9

All trails were groomed this morning and as yet, there are very few bare spots.  From now on expect spring conditions.  It is icy in the mornings, then softens up as the day warms.  We will try and let you know if there will be some morning grooming ahead of time,so you can come out early.  At least some trails will be groomed tomorrow morning.


Friday  March 8   noon

We groomed the Far Side this morning, set some tracks over there, and the snow is very good.( Tracks are hard to set in the morning when the snow is icey, so don’t expect excellence). Crust cruising is great in the morning everywhere. Temps are cooler today but predicted to warm up for the weekend, so by 10 or 11:00 it will be softening.  Plans are to groom all the Near Side trails Sat. morning for the Slide For Pride event at the Nordic Center…public invited.  Have fun out there!

gb, lh

Tuesday 5 March 10:00 AM

All trails on the Near Side groomed for classic and skate skiing.  Tracking was problemmatic due to hard packed, dense, icy snow. The base will be hard and fast so use caution particularly on the hills. A pretty day with temperature hovering in the 20’s should be a particularly good day for skate skiing.


Tuesday 5 March


We will groom this morning starting shortly after 8am.  Wind has died down and grooming conditions should be good.



Monday 4 March 9:30am

A few of the sheltered trails were groomed and some track set for the school class to use this morning.  We will groom again when the wind dies down.  We received about 1″ of new snow. Skiing is actually good in leeward and sheltered areas but tough in the open.



Friday 1 March 10am.

All near side trails were groomed and track set where needed.  All Far Side trails were groomed and some track set.  Good conditions so get out and enjoy! Warm temps this afternoon and all weekend predicted.   See you at the Backcountry Film Festival TONIGHT at the Roman Theater.


Monday 25 February, 9:30am

All Near Side trails were groomed this morning.  Track set yesterday was OK.  All Far Side trails were groomed but no track set.

Nice day no wind, go out and enjoy! The best snow of the year is out there now!



Sunday, February 24, 11:30 am

All Near Side trails were groomed today. Conditions are a season best. Perfect Set Tracks, smooth Skate Lanes, blue sky, bright sun, get out there! More grooming is planned for tomorrow.

Ski Tip: “Classic” or “diagonal-stride” skiers are encouraged to ski in the “Set Tracks” at the side of the Skating Lane. You will find easier going with the track guiding your skis. As well, as a point of etiquette, by using the Set Tracks, you leave the Skate Lane free for our skate skiers, who have the right of way, and need a clear Skate Lane to perform their technique. If you find yourself in the Skate Lane, please move to the Set Track to allow the Skaters to ski past.

If Skating looks like fun (it is!), lessons are available, see notices at the sign-in Kiosk.


Saturday, February 23 11AM

All trails on the Near Side tracked and groomed for skate and classic skiing. Currently cloudy with temperature of 27 degrees F, intermittent snow flurries, wind about 4 mph out of the North – wind chill 23 degrees F. The light is very “flat”. We had difficulty identifying the margins of the trails while grooming so ski cautiously. Currently we plan to groom again tomorrow morning.


Friday, Feb. 22    noon

Excellent weather – 27F with no wind chill – trails are in great shape for classic and skate. Far Side not groomed recently so has and inch of snow on it.  Plans are to groom Saturday morning.   Plan to join everyone for MOONLIGHT SKIING tomorrow evening, with Jon Trapp talking on wolves around the camp fire.


21 February Noon

We got about one inch of new powder down at the Nordic center last night. All trails on the Near Side were groomed for skating and classic skiing this morning. Keep an eye out for “sitzmarks” here and there where we temporarily got stuck. Skiing should be very good – particularly classic skiing. Currently sunny, temperature 25 degrees F, winds 2.2 mph out of the North with no wind chill. Enjoy.

Plans are to groom again Saturday morning. Should be great skiing tomorrow.


18 February – President’s Day 9:00 AM updated 11:00

We are currently grooming the Near Side for both classic and skate skiing with the Ginzu groomers, tracks set. TheFar Sid e trails are groomed.  Skiing is very good.  At 11:00, 22 degrees F – no wind chill. sun is trying to shine. (county roads are plowed)

Don’t forget, the West Fork is groomed and track set to Cascade.


17 February, 2013, 11 am & 5 pm

All trails were groomed and tracks set on the Near Side. But, by the time you get there, the gusting winds will have covered it all up. A light snow was also falling. The Far Side was groomed yesterday, no tracks there yet. Current temp: 28 degrees, “variable” winds with possible snow flurries. We will try to do some follow up grooming early in the week. (County roads are drifting in this afternoon, so they could be trouble until the wind stops and the plows get out).   Update:  The West Fork was groomed this afternoon, with tracks set to Cascade!  Should be your best bet for groomed skiing until we get the Nordic Center back in shape.



16 February 2013, 5pm

With a bright sun and lots of snow, the NC was gorgeous today. The Near Side and Far Side trails were groomed today. The groomers have been working hard the past two days to beat down the recent heavy snowfall. Some tracks were removed today in order to realign some trails. There are also some very soft as well as bumpy areas, so keep an eye out.

Plans are to groom again tomorrow, including setting classic tracks. The Far Side does not have tracks set, but has been groomed and is very skiable. The forecast for tomorrow is: temp-35 degrees, wind 12-22 mph, 70% chance of 1″ new snow. Conditions should be the best that we’ve had this season.


15 Feb. 3:30pm

All Near Side trails have been groomed and most track set.  All Far Side trails have been rolled.  Ski early tomorrow as winds may pick up. The snow is soft and treacherous off the groomed trails.  Plans are to groom the Far Side and add some tracks on the Near Side early Sat.


15 Feb.

We plan on grooming and track set on the Near Side this morning and working on packing trails on the Far Side in the afternoon.  Some new snow last night.  Good day to be out there!


14 Feb. 3:30pm

All Near Side trails were rolled except the one nearest the horse barns which was snowmobiled only.  Nothing has been done on the Far Side yet.  Skiers are reporting good conditions!


14 Feb. 12:30pm

About 10″ or more snow fell.  It seems to have stopped now so we will run snowmobiles and possibly roll trails this afternoon.


Thursday 14 Feb. 7:30 am

Good news!  We received 6-8″ of new snow and it’s still snowing.  Stay tuned!


Wednesday 13 Feb. 12:30pm

Most trails on the Near Side were touched up late this morning.  Nice warm day, windy.  Trails in the sheltered areas should be good skiing.


Monday 11 Feb. 11:45am

All Near Side trails were groomed and most track set.  Some trails are a bit narrow, so skaters take care not to run over the tracks.  All Far Side Trails were rolled.  Some light wind and drifting in spots, but a nice day.  Enjoy!




Sunday 10 Feb. and Monday 11 Feb.

After the snowfall, the Near Side trails were groomed by roller and the Far Side trails were snowmobiled Sunday.   We plan to ginzu the Near Side and set track on the Near Side Monday and roll trails on the Far Side.


Saturday February 9 10:00 AM

All trails on the Near and Far Side as well as the play hill, skating oval and “cutthroughs” groomed double wide this morning. Skiing should be good but there are still some “thin” areas so use appropriate caution. Currently cloudy, temperature 27 F, wind at 6mph from the NW with a resultant wind chill of 18 F.


Thursday 7 February 10:45am

All trails on the near side were groomed and most track set.  Most trails on the Far Side were groomed one width.


Thursday, February 7 10:30 am

Our main BRTA website, therefore our grooming report page has been disabled due to gremlins at the host’s server. Grooming will be done today. It will be mostly sunny, with a high of 40.


Sunday, February 3, 11 am

All Near and Far Side trails were groomed today. Temperature is 36 degrees with sunny skies. Conditions are the best we have had all season-get out there and enjoy!


Sunday, February 3, 7 am

Plans are to groom today. Skiing should be excellent.


Saturday February 2 7:15 AM

Good morning nordic skiers and all ground hogs.  It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful  day at the Nordic Center. The weather service is calling for temps around 40 degrees with light winds, and more of the same for several days.  Today we groomed  the Near Side and the main trails on the Far Side.  Track setting was done where needed. Conditions are excellent for classic and very good for skat. Have a great weekend!

lgh gb

Thursday January 31 1:30 PM

Both the Near and Far Sides groomed this AM. In view of snow conditions grooming was “eclectic”. We used the Ginzu on some trails and rolled others. We also did some limited tracking on the Near Side. It should  ski well but is likely to be soft and slow overall.  A very nice intermittently sunny day: Temperature 32 degrees F, wind 6mph from the SE with a resultant wind chill of 26 degrees F. Enjoy yourselves.  [The PLAN is to groom Saturday morning…Kids Learn to Ski Program starts at 1:00]


Thursday January 31 9AM

About three inches of new fluffy snow overnight which was pushed around by high winds. Will evaluate and do appropriate grooming this morning. Hopefully the area will be skiable by this afternoon. Stay tuned.


Wednesday January 30 12noon

Both the Near Side and the Far side were tracked and groomed for Classic and Skate skiing this morning. Temperature is currently 30 degrees with the wind 6mph from the North yielding a wind chill of 25 degrees.Skiing should be good.



Tuesday January 29

In view of intermittent snow and 10 to 15 mph winds we have elected to hold off  on tracking and regrooming the trails today. All the trails were rolled yesterday and should remain skiable. We will reassess the situation tomorrow morning and plan to groom weather permitting.


Monday, Jan. 28

All Near and Far side trails were rolled this morning.  The new snow will set up, then be groomed and tracked tomorrow morning.  There is 4 in. of new snow, 24 degrees, with calm winds.  Very pretty out there.

Monday, Jan. 28

Grooming is planned for today.


Sunday, Jan.27

As of 10:00 am most of the Near Side had been groomed but further grooming operations were suspended due to an invasion of small white crystaline objects falling from the sky.  These objects were starting to blanket the Nordic center.   Stay tuned for more developments as it happens.   Skiing is still in good shape after weekend of classes, moonlight skiing and warm weather.  Some thin areas but all are avoidable and anticipating a good blanketing by the small white crystaline objects on Sunday and Sunday night.

lgh sf

Saturday, Jan. 26

We groomed the Far Side trails and touched up some Near Side in anticipation of the Kids Program this afternoon and the Moonlight Ski tonight. Considering all the warm days & nights and the lack of snowfall, the trails are skiing very well. Some bare spots, mostly avoidable.

We plan to groom the Near Side again tomorrow (Sun.)

gwb  rj

Friday, Jan 25

All Near Side trails were groomed and most of the tracks were reset today. Snow level is low enough that the groomers are moving snow by shovel to cover bare spots. A new skating oval in the center meadow was packed down as well today. It might be a bit soft.

NOTE: In order to better help the public plan their ski days, in addition to posting reports AFTER we groom, we will now post BEFORE we groom if we plan to groom the next day. If the situation requires that we do so, we reserve the right to change our mind.

So, the NC is planned to be groomed on both Saturday and Sunday.

Moonlight Ski: Saturday, Jan. 26, 6-8 pm.  Saturday, Jan. 26, Kids Ski Lessons: , 1-2:30 pm.

Remember: everyone is required to sign in, even if you have a Season Pass.


Sunday, Jan. 20

All Near Side and Far Side trails were groomed for skating. Tracks are still good from yesterday. Skating is very good today with temps in the low 20’s, no wind and overcast. Watch for some very thin areas.


Saturday, Jan. 19

All near side trails were groomed for skating, and some track was set in areas with enough snow.  Yesterday was over 50 degrees so we lost some snow, but conditions remain very good.  Large numbers of adults and children are taking lessons today, so we will groom all trails again tomorrow morning.  There is a cooling trend, so skiing should be excellent.  It is currently 42 degrees,sunny, with calm winds.

rj ew

Friday, Jan., 18

The West Fork Road was groomed this morning on nice snow with warm temperatures. Everything set up very well with skate lanes on soft snow to Cascade (5 miles) and tracks set beautifully over 3 miles in.  If it freezes, all will be superb skiing! (It is supposed to cool down and stay windy this weekend).  Note, this area is multiple use for winter recreation so expect all types of activity, including snowmobiles.


Thursday, Jan. 17

All Near Side trails were groomed today with the Ginzus. Conditions soften as the day progresses, ski early for the best snow. Snow coverage remains good with only a few thin areas. The tracks are in ok shape, so were not re-set.

Saturday morning is Adult Ski Lesson day, the afternoon is Kids Ski Lessons. We have 60 kids, their parents and instructors: 1:00-2:30, so parking will be very tight. Remember, no parking on the county road!

And, we plan to groom the West Fork Road tomorrow morning.


Wednesday, Jan. 16

We rolled most of the Near Side and some of the Far Side to touch up the skate lanes.  We left the tracks that were set earlier, as they are in good shape. Expect warm temps after about 10:00 in the next few days.  Very good skiing on new snow. Most everything is covered.

gb  ct

Monday, Jan. 14

The WEST FORK Road has been rolled about 4 miles in, and tracks set past Basin Campground. Nice snow.

rj  sf

Sunday, Jan. 13   11:00  AM

Currently 10 degrees, sunny, and calm winds.  The near side has been groomed for skating and tracked for classic skiing.  The far side has been groomed for skating, no track set yet.  Conditions are very good, and you classic skiers now have some tracks.

rj  lh

Saturday, Jan. 12   12:00 noon

It is currently 5 degrees with a light breeze, giving a wind chill of 1 below.  The nordic center received around 6 inches of new snow over the last two days, however strong winds blew the snow off some areas, and drifted it into others, so there are still plenty of thin spots.  Most near and far side trails were rolled this morning.  When the snow sets up a bit it will be groomed and tracked where possible.

rm  tj

Saturday, Jan. 5th

All near side trails were groomed this morning.  No track was set due to thin snow, however some of the old track still looked good. Skaters reported fast smooth conditions, but you need to watch for thin spots.

rj and ew

Thursday, January 3 1PM

All the Near Side trails were regroomed for skating and some track reset this morning. Trails were blown and drifted in open areas. Now that the wind has died down we should have good skiing for the next couple of days. There are still some “thin” areas so use caution. Currently temperature is 47 degrees F, wind 6.4 mph from the SSE with a resultant wind chill of 42.8F so wax for warm conditions.


Wednesday January 2 2013  1PM

Trails on Near Side groomed for skating and some track set in areas where there appeared to be enough snow.  Selected Far Side trails groomed for skating. Unfortunately is there is a bit of wind so exposed trails are likely to quickly drift over – skiing should be pretty good in sheltered areas. Currently temperature is 28 degrees F, wind 14 mph from the NNW resulting in a wind chill of 9 degrees F.  Stay warm.


Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013!

All is groomed and all is good.   Happy New Year.

Sunday, Dec. 30

The near side has been groomed, and a few experimental tracks were set.  Snow is thin, but skaters are saying it is fast and fun.

rj and ct

Saturday, Dec. 29:  MOONLIGHT SKI…

…at the Nordic Center about 6:00 (moonrise is 6:25).  Bring your headlamp, warm clothes, skis, and treats to share, plus your own drinks.

The Near Side was groomed this morning. No tracks set due to shallow snow depth. Skiing is good to excellent.

gwb  rj

Friday,   Dec. 28   am

The West Fork road was rolled this morning.  Conditions:  heavy use and about 2″ base the first 2 miles; then the snow gets a little deeper and a couple miles of great snow and better grooming;  about 4 miles in (past the second bridge) the snow thins out and the road becomes gravel.  Should be real nice skate skiing out there with cold temps continuing. No tracks set to to thin cover.

(See yesterday’s Nordic Center report below).


Thursday December 27   1230

The Red Lodge Nordic Center recieved 3 inches of snow overnight. All trails on the Near Side and the majority on the Far Side have been rolled . Still not quite enough snow to set tracks. Looks like a beautiful afternoon with highs in the 20s and light wind. So come on out and enjoy .


Christmas Day

8 degrees, sunny, light breeze.  An inch of snow has been rolled on all trails at the nordic center.  Cover is thin, but even an inch makes a difference.  Skiers are out and are saying conditions are quite good.


Saturday, Dec. 22

Things haven’t changed much since the last grooming report…no new snow. So it is difficult to improve the conditions. Snow is holding but patches of brown are getting a little more frequent in the sun, warm and wind. ( Some snow is predicted for Sunday or Monday, and it wouldn’t take much to vastly improve conditions here). This afternoon we have low 30’s, wind, and good coverage. Watch for hazards, like ditch crossings, bumps and bridges that are not covered.

Come out and enjoy your vacation at RL Nordic. And plan to join the crowd Saturday, Dec. 29,  for the first moonlight ski of the season…at sundown. Bring a treat to share and your own drinks.

gwb   ct   rj



Tuesday, Dec. 18    PM

With about 2 new inches of snow and mid twenties temps, the Nordic Center improved again today. Still not enough snow to set tracks (some shallow spots). We groomed the Near Side and some of the Far Side this afternoon and it reportedly improved the glide a lot. Very good mid-December skiing.  Be cautious:  some bridges are almost bare and have a little dirt, even gravel hiding under the snow cover; also edges of bridges may trick you; and there are ditches and bumps here and there to slow down for. The forecast is for colder plus dry this week.

Eighteen skiers signed in today, and they were all smiling!

gwb    ew

Saturday, Dec. 15 10:30

A dusting of snow can change this place.  It’s beautiful.  Morning skaters say it is skiing great.  We rolled all trails on the near side, and some on the far side.  Keep in mind that current grooming is geared to building up a base and keeping snow from blowing away.  Any skiing is a bit of a bonus.  Currently 31 degrees, sunny and calm.

Monday, Dec. 10  noon

The horses are gone, so the gates are open, and the snow is thin.  But it is ski-able. We rolled more this morning to get the snow packed down and less susceptible to wind and warm. Grass is poking out and there are some brown spots but mostly good skiing. The temp today has ranged from 18 to 30 and was back down to 23 with a north wind at 10 mph at noon.

gwb & rm

Sunday, 9 December 12:00 Noon

All trails on Near Side and Far Side rolled this morning. The Nordic Center got about 4 to 6 inches of snow over the last couple of days. Enough to pack down with the rollers but will need another 6 inches or more for definitive grooming for skating and classic skiing. We closed off the Far Side after rolling because of very irregular and in some spots dangerous terrain particularly on the hills. The Near side also has some rough spots but is generally skiable. As always use caution. Beautiful day with sun shining, no wind and temperature in the teens. Enjoy.


Saturday, 8 December 2012, 3 pm

NC conditions: 19 degrees, snowing with high winds. I made a lap around and as I passed the horses, the phrase “not fit for man or beast” came to mind. While there is not enough snow to groom (grass tops are still poking through a bit), there is enough snow for some trail skiing. Wax your BC trail skis and pencil in some time at the Nordic Center for tomorrow.

The forecast states that for Sunday morning, we should see 3″ of new snow, sunny skies; with a high temp of 17 degrees. We’ll groom if we can.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012, 5pm

All the downed trees have been removed from the ski trails. The snow fence is holding in calm winds, the horse apples have been harrowed smooth and the forecast is for 4″ of fresh snow tonight and another 5″ by Saturday night. Temperatures look to be cold for awhile, so we may have some skiing coming up! Our grooming team is standing by.


Monday, 3 December 2012, 1 pm

As you can imagine, what little snow we had previously has melted. Furthermore, yesterday’s wind storm has blown our snow fence down – again, along with a bunch of trees. So, until Mother Nature remembers that this is Winter and blesses us with some snow, consider reverting to summer-fall activities. Pahaska reports the same miserable conditions. If we have even a minimum amount of snowfall, we will at least roll some trails, so keep an eye on this report for updates.

You are welcome to walk the trails. Bring a hockey stick/golf clubs to knock horse apple piles from the ski trails and kindly remove branches. Remember that there still are 22 horses wandering the pastures. It’s OK to enter the parking lot, just CLOSE THE GATE BEHIND YOU. Thanks,


Monday, Nov. 26,  1:00 pm

The Nordic Center has about 6″ of nice snow this morning and temp. in the mid twenties.  A south breeze.  Temps are expected to rise throughout the week.

Les and I rolled most of the Near Side trails and they are ski-able!  Don’t expect much and you’ll be happy.

Horses are still in the pastures, so you MUST CLOSE THE GATE AFTER YOU while you are skiing and when you leave…until further notice.  Thanks.

gwb, lh

Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012, 2 pm

There was an inch of real snow at the NC this morning, but it melted before our eyes in a 45 degree day.

Last Wednesday, high winds blew down most of our snow fence. The ground has yet to freeze, which would’ve supported the fence. And the 22+ horses currently using the pasture have been creating “horse apple cairns” all over. So today, a hardy group of volunteers formed two teams: snow fence repair and a horse poop patrol. The poop patrol, armed with their weapon of choice, such as: hockey sticks, golf clubs and rakes, walked all the ski trails and spread out the “cairns”, so our snowmobiles and grooming equipment will not have these frozen obstacles to deal with, if it ever snows.

Except for the lack of snow, the NC is ready to go. Toilets were delivered today. Since we can’t ski now anyway, our arrangement with AAR is that until in snows sufficiently to groom and ski, the horses can use the entire ranch. We will call the ranch when the time comes, the horses can be immediately re-located and normal winter NC operations will begin. This year, the electric fence has been removed and we have regained the use of the SW pasture.

There is a “keep gate closed at all times” sign on the parking lot gate. Please comply. We will remove the sign and open the gate when the horses are gone.

Someone, please make it snow!


Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, 10 am

The Nordic Center is ready to go. Hard-working volunteers installed snowfence and signs, cleared trails and hauled firewood for our Moonlight Skis. Our grooming equipment is standing by ready to go. Best of all, our skilled, dedicated grooming team is back. Check back here for the latest conditions and status of the NC. Don’t forget to wax your skis-you have time.

Sunday, March 18, 8am

The Nordic Center is in a limited operation mode. Grooming operations have ceased and the toilets and kiosk will be removed soon. If there is significant snow and cold weather, we may groom and skiers can still use the trails. Please sign in, but you don’t need to pay the fee.  The actual trails themselves still have a minimal amount of snow on them, and are quite skiable, especially in the trees. We had a great year. Thanks for your support.


Wednesday March 14   11:00am

After last nights wind storm both the Near and Far sides were cleaned up of downed trees and branches, however smaller twigs are still on the trails. Only the Near Side trails were groomed and track was set where possible. Forecast calls for high around 50 today with winds out of the SSW at 10-20 mph. Spring Conditions.



GROOMING IN MARCH: With very warm, dry & windy weather forecast for the next 7 days, we cannot imagine grooming conditions anywhere as good as poor. However, there is a good base at the Nordic Center (and mountain trails), so skiing can be good… just springy. If it freezes at night, crust cruising the meadows is a treat in the mornings.

We are grooming the West Fork Road today, should be delightful for Saturday’s moonlight ski out there.

And St. Patrick’s day will be the Slide for Pride ski & fun day at the Nordic Center, put on by TAP 365.


Wednesday, March 7   4:00 pm

Lots of new snow, cool temps and sunny all day today. The Nordic Center is beautiful! We rolled and tracked all Near Side trails, and rolled one lane on the Far Side. Conditions are soft. Weather is predicted to be warm the rest of the week and weekend, so it is hard to guess what our grooming opportunities will be.

(And the roads are plowed).


Saturday morning, March 3, 10:00 am

Skiing is excellent at Red Lodge Nordic Center and all trails have been groomed for skate and classic. Look for moose tracks on the Far Side and fox tracks everywhere. Temp’s are predicted to rise for a couple of days with a possibility of snow showers. With cloud cover today, the soft snow should remain sweet for a Nordic experience.

And remember, the West Fork Road was groomed this week.


Friday morning, March 2

And the West Fork Road was groomed yesterday afternoon about 3 miles in; tracks were laid to Basin Campground AND back. Enjoy, it is great out there!


Thursday March 1 10:30 am

All trails on both Near and Far side were groomed and fresh tracks were set. It should be a Great day with the weather forecast calling for temperature around 30 with 10-15 mph winds out of the west.So come on out and enjoy that mountain fresh air at the Red Lodge Nordic Center.


Wednesday, Feb. 29, 5:00 pm

Leap Day had great snow at the Nordic Center but the s.e. wind blew it into the new tracks in the open. Temps were in the mid to upper 20’s so skiing was pleasant on trails out of the wind but kinda brutal in the wide open. All trails were groomed for skate and track today, and the Far Side is beautiful, including fresh moose tracks by Sage Creek. We’ll groom again when we feel the wind is done.

(Plan to join us for the Backcountry Film Festival Friday night, 7:00 at the Elks Lodge, downtown Red Lodge, Winter Carnival time!)

gwb & rjm

Sunday  Feb. 26  10:00 AM

All Near and Far Side trails have been groomed for skate skiing and tracked for classic.  Conditions vary due to yesterdays high winds, so watch for icy spots, especially on hills.  Skate skiing should be fast, and classic tracks are good in most places.

rj  lh

Friday February 24 10:00 AM

All trails on the Near and Far Side groomed for skate skiing and tracked for classic.  Snow conditions were very “uneven” due to high winds over the last couple of days. In the meadows conditions were generally excellent resulting in good tracks and a nice skating surface. On the ridges where the wind blew the snow away and sintered the surface there are hard icy spots which were hard to scarify – use caution in these areas. All in all it should be a great day for skiing. Currently bright sunshine, temperature 28.6 degrees, wind at 5.8 mph giving us a wind chill of 23.9 degrees. Get out and have some fun.


Sunday  Feb. 19

All Near and Far Side trails have been groomed for skating, some track has been set where wind driven snow filled old track, however most of the old track is still good.  A half inch of snow fell last night,it’s 30 degrees with calm winds, so conditions are great.

rj lh

Saturday  Feb. 18

Today was nordic kids day at the nordic center.  Over 100 kids were classic skiing, skate skiing, and generally having a ball.  Big thanks to those who put this on.

We are expecting a couple of inches of snow tonight, so all trails will be groomed early tomorrow morning.  Should be a good day for skiing tomorrow.


Wednesday February 15 11AM

All trails on both the Near and Far Side were groomed for skating and tracked for classic skiing this morning. We had about 2 inches of new snow yesterday which allowed us to set down some good track.  If it doesn’t get too warm, skiing today should be excellent and even better tommorow. Currently a day filled with sunshine, temperature 23.4, wind at 6mph, giving us a wind chill of 15.3 (it seems warmer). Have fun.




Monday February 13 11AM

All skating lanes on the Near Side “touched up” with the Ginzu groomer. The tracks look to be in good shape and should continue to firm up overnight. Currently cloudy, almost no wind and 33 degrees. Enjoy.


Sunday February 12 11:00 AM

All trails, the skating oval and practice hill on the Near Side groomed for skating and tracked for classic skiing this morning. The Far Side was rolled. The trails and tracks are likely to be “soft” in view of the new snow and warm weather but should set up nicely overnight. Currently mostly cloudy, temperature 38 degrees, no wind = no wind chill. Nice day to go out and cruise….


Saturday February 11 9:ooAM

8 to 12 inches of new, light, fluffy powder overnight. We are currently rolling the trails on the Near Side. The parking lot has not been plowed but could probably be managed by” all wheel” or four wheel drive vehicles. As of now Fox has not been plowed. Please do not park along Fox as the Sheriff will likely ticket you should you do so. Currently light snow, no wind about 7 degrees. Skiing particularly classic likely to be enjoyable but snow will be soft. Wide classic or “off trail” skis likely to give the best results. A little bit cold and “soft” for you skaters – if nothing else you will get a good workout .



Wednesday February 8 12Noon

About an inch and a half of new snow overnight.   All trails on the Near Side groomed. Conditions not good for tracking but some track set – here and there where there was enough snow the tracker worked well. Ski around and you will find some good spots. A beautiful sunny day. Currently temperature is 29 degrees, wind 5 mph, wind chill 27 degrees, Should be really good skiing this afternoon.



Saturday, February 4

All trails on the Near Side and Far Side have been groomed double wide for skating. Skiing in general should be excellent but we were unable to set more track due to lack of snow and icy conditions. Currently beautiful out there with temperature of 31 degrees and wind at 8mph with a wind chill of 20 degrees. As it warms the trails are likely to get faster.


Friday, Feb. 3


The Near Side AND the Far Side were groomed today. But the couple of inches of fresh snow weren’t enough to help the tracking situation, so don’t expect much improvement finding set tracks (icey under the fresh).  Skating is great…yeah, fast.  Saturday, expect some more grooming on the Near Side…getting ready for 3 events: Tracking Workshop at 9, the last Kids Day at 1, and Moonlight Ski at 6.  Great skiing on minimal snow and temp’s predicted to be mild.

BONUS: we groomed the WEST FORK Road this afternoon, and conditions there are typical… pocked and firm the first mile or so, then deeper and softer snow the farther you go. No tracks set (too firm the first mile and a half). Great skiing past Basin.

ew, rj, rm, gb


Tuesday, Jan. 31  12:30 pm

Again, most of the Near Side was touched up and is skating well this morning. No tracks set. Same pattern with warm hours midday, freezing at night. Same forecast. Very little skiing going on this morning so conditions should remain good:   mostly FAST & Furious.


Monday, January 30  2:oo pm

Most of the Near Side was “scratched” with the Ginzu this morning. We hope it helps to break up the ice. Tracks cannot be improved without new snow. Forecast temps from 40-49 this week with no new snow predicted. Skiing is still fairly good. Pray for snow.


Saturday, January 28  1:00

The temp is about 32 F and the icey conditions are improving after we groomed the entire area this morning. Trails are skating fast. No tracks set due to the hard snow and ice.

Still no new snow this month, and some areas are dirty from blowing road dust. Good skiing considering all that! (Note trails in the mountains are HARD PACKED and extremely fast).

RJ & GwB


Friday January 27 12:00 Noon

All trails on the ” Near Side” tracked and groomed. Trails are hard, slippery, and icy particularly in open areas so be careful out there. It is difficult to groom and set track in these conditions. Best skiing – both skating and classic is likely to be in and around the trees where the snow is softer and not as compacted. Currently bright and sunny with temperature of 22 degrees F, winds from the NW at 20 mph with wind chill around -10. Bundle up!


Tuesday Jan. 24  11:00am

All skating lanes have been groomed on the Near Side  and various skating  lanes on the Far Side have also been groomed. Forecast calls for partly cloudy  with temperatures in the mid 30’s and winds WSW 10-15 mph. So come on out and enjoy another bluebird day at the Red Lodge Nordic Center.


Sunday, Jan. 22

All Near Side and Far Side trails were groomed today, including the skating oval and cut through trails. Conditions are awesome, especially for skate skiing. Weather should be pleasant in the next few days.


Thursday Jan 19 12:00

Track has been set on all trails on the Near Side. Please be careful for icy spots on wind blown areas. Forecast calls for a good chance of snow today and tonight. Currrently the temperature is in the low 30’s with light and variable winds. So come on out as skiing should be good for both classic and skating.


Wednesday, Jan 18, 1:30

We found some drifts and some icey spots at the NC today but the wind hadn’t done much damage. We groomed most of the Near Side trails to smooth out the drifts and the snow is great for skating. We set no tracks, as we expect snowfall tonight and tomorrow. Temperature after noon is in the single digits and the wind is light out of the north.



Monday, Jan. 16  high noon

In +3F temps, we rolled all trails (including the Far Side) on about 6 inches of new snow. The snow is beautiful and soft,  the wind is light but very cold.  Beware of an impending berm when the county plows Smith Road…it may block the parking lot entrance…so bring a shovel.

In anticipation of more snow fall mid week, we may not set tracks nor groom until after that happens. Then look forward to some great conditions!

GwB & RM


Thursday Jan. 12 10:30 am

All trails on the Near Side and Far Side were groomed and track set. Please be careful and watch out for icy spots on top of  the hill leading to the Far Side. Classic skiing should be very good. Forecast for today calls for temperature around 30 and winds out of the WNW at 5-15 mph. So come on out and enjoy.


Wed.  Jan.  11  5:00 pm

Six inches of new snow has been rolled on all Near Side and Far Side trails.  Some track has been set in the Near Side meadows, and this process will continue tomorrow morning.  Colder weather should make for great classic skiing in a firm track.

rj  rm  sf

Friday, Jan. 6  11:00 am

All skate lanes, Near Side and Far Side, were groomed this morning.  It should be good fast skating.  The old track is visible in most places, but is icy.  Our old melted then frozen snow will not hold a track, but the groomed skate lane could be used as a classic lane as well.  Currently it is sunny, calm, and 30 degrees.

rj bz

Wednesday, Jan. 4  11:00 am

Groomed the skate lanes on the Near Side this morning; tracks remain good but icey early. Temps were around 32 F early, predicted warm again today (50+ F!)

Skating is in soft snow but good skiing.

We’ll probably groom everything again on Friday when it is predicted to be cooler and chance of snow.


Sunday January 1 2012 11AM

All the skating lanes on the Meadow (Near Side) trails were groomed this morning. Tracks were set yesterday and with last nights’ temperatures in the teens should be firm and ski well. Currently temp is 23 degrees. Wind from the SE at 3mph yielding a wind chill of 9 degrees. Enjoy.


Sat. Dec. 31  1:00 pm

Five inches of new snow last night so it’s very pretty at the Nordic Center.  All trails have been rolled, and track will be set as soon as possible.  Currently it is 30 degrees and sunny, with very light winds.

rj rm ew

Thurs. Dec. 29 2:00 pm

Three inches of new snow was rolled out on all trails, however gusty winds are drifting the snow in open areas.  Currently it is 38 degrees, sunny, with gusty winds.

rj rm

Friday  Dec. 23  1:00 pm

All Near Side meadows have been tracked for classic and groomed for skate skiing.  Some Far Side trails have been tracked, and all have been groomed for skating.  It’s a bright sunny day, currently 38 degrees.  Have fun.

rj  rm

Thursday 22 December 1pm.

We rolled the Far Side today also.  Some trails were combed as well.  Nice day…enjoy.


Thursday December 22 Noon

We rolled and combed all the Near Side trails, the skating oval , and the practice hll this morning. Looks like we got about a foot of snow over the last 24 hours.  There was some drifting in open areas and along the snow fences. Snow will likely remain ” soft”  for the next day or so. Classic skiing especially with wider backcountry type skis should be excellent. Currently the sun is shining brightly, temperature in the low 20’s with 5mph winds out of the SSE creating wind chills in the mid teens. The parking lot is come on down.


Wednesday December 21 Noon

During a break in the snowfall we went down and rolled and combed the Near Side (meadow) trails. There was about 8 inches of new snow at that time and it has continued to snow intermittently since. If you decide to go skiing this afternoon please note that the parking lot is not plowed and that despite our grooming the trails may be drifted over and difficult to find with blowing and drifting snow. Currently wind is out of the NW at 15mph, temperature 23 degrees with a wind chill of about 3 degrees. A good day to sit in front of the fire with your beverage of choice.


Tuesday, Dec. 20  10:00 am

We groomed and set new track on the entire Near Side this morning . The snow and temperature were excellent (about 25 F) and it was calm.  It’s now in the 30’s with a forecast of wind this afternoon and snow tonight and tomorrow.  We’ll groom again right after the storm.

Great skiing, classic and track!

gb & sf


Saturday December 17 12 Noon

We groomed all the trails in the meadow as well as the “Far Side” this morning. In view of the warm weather we left the tracks alone. They are firm and sking well. Should be good skiing today but the skating lanes likely to soften up with rising temperatures  in the afternoon. Currently temperature is 48 degrees, brilliant sunshine, wind from the SE at 5 to 10 mph.


Friday, Dec. 16   3:00 pm

We hit the West Fork Road again today, rolling about 4 miles in and setting track two miles in. As usual, the first mile is rough, but things smooth out and the snow gets deeper the farther in you go.  Still soft and temp in the 20’s this afternoon.

And, the last half mile of driving in to the gate is now PLOWED! (We have an agreement with the plow contractor to continue to the gate the rest of the season.)

GwB & SF

Thurs. Dec. 15   11:00 AM

The Near Side meadows and trails have been groomed for skating and tracked for classic skiing.  Conditions are great, with an inch of new snow to add beauty, and a touch of softness.  Skaters, try out the practice oval in the east meadow.  It is currently 28 degrees, with overcast skies, and no wind.  Weather permitting, we are hoping to groom this coming Sat. and Sun. mornings.

rj  rm

Tues. Dec. 13

Today the West Fork Rd. was rolled from the gate to around 3 miles in.  As you go farther in, the snow gets better and softer.

Monday Dec. 12  9:00 AM

Yesterday afternoon all far side trails were groomed, and some track was set.  This area is beautiful, and has lots of up and down.  Conditions are excellent.

Sunday December 11 11AM

All trails in the meadow regroomed and retracked. A beautiful day. Temperature currently 40 degrees, wind out of the NW at 2.5 mph. Sking should be good but snow likely to soften up this afternoon.


Friday December 9 11AM

All the trails in the meadow have been groomed and tracked for skating and classic skiing.  Sunny, no wind, temperature 35 degrees. Snow is a little “soft”. Classic skiing should be very good.


Wednesday December 7 –  2pm

All trails in the meadow rerolled and combed this AM. Trails a little soft but skiing should be good. Will track and groom again tomorrow if our snowmobiles are working and the weather allows. Currently sunny, no wind, temperature 35 degrees.


Saturday December 3 2:00PM

All trails in the meadow regroomed and retracked for skating and classical skiing.  Another beautiful day. Currently temperature of 2o degrees, wind out of the SE at 5mph yielding a wind chill of 16 degrees. Enjoy.


Friday Dec. 2nd 1:00 pm

Friday Dec. 2nd 1:00 PM

All trails on the near side meadows have been groomed for skating and tracked for classic skiing.  There are some wind blown thin spots, but for this time of year conditions are very good.  The Far Side has been rolled but not tracked.  Currently, there is a light wind with a chance of snow showers.


Thursday December 1 2:00PM

Beautiful day! We were able to get out and roll and comb all the trails in the meadow. Lots of snow in some places particularly along the North side of the trees and  the snow fences. Lots of drifting along the snow fences making the trail bumpy so be careful there. Currently 21 degrees with  the wind picking up to 10 to 15  mph yielding a wind chill of  2 degrees.




Sunday Nov. 27, 2011  11AM


We were able to get out early while it was still cool and groom all the meadow trails for skating. We were also able to set a little track along the north side of the wooded areas where the NW wind had set up some drifting – other areas still too “thin” to track. Current temperature is 43 degrees, wind speed 5mph out of the south with a wind chill of 40 degrees. Think snow!


Sat. Nov. 26, 2011 – 12 Noon

All trails in the meadow have been groomed. Conditions not suitable for tracking at this time but trails should be good for skiing particularly skating. Current temperature: 28 degrees F with winds out of the SSE at 10mph. Forecast is for significantly warmer weather. Will groom again when conditions permit.


Sat.  Nov. 19, 2011 – 2PM

The Far Side trails have now been rolled, and and logs removed. Be careful, there is some beautiful snow out there, but it’s still early season conditions.  Some track has been set on the Near Side, however sifting snow may fill them in.

Friday, Nov. 18, 2011 – 5 PM

All trails on the Near Side have been rolled. There is about 12″ of snow. We will attempt to roll the Far Side tomorrow after we move some cut logs off the trail. Conditions are OK for skiing, but grooming with the Ginzu and track setting have not been done yet.


November 17, 2011 – 8 AM

We’re still not officially open, but the NC is available to anyone wanting to use it-no fee. There is minimal, but sufficient snow cover to have a good ski. Part of the Near Side meadows were rolled yesterday. Today’s conditions are very windy. Today’s forecast is: 30% chance of 1″ of new snow, high temp is 42, currently 37. Forecast by Friday AM: 4″ new, by Saturday AM: 8″ more new snow. Note that there is a new electric fence running N-S through the west meadow. If there are horses in the field, the fence is hot, don’t touch. Get your skis waxed, buy your season pass and get ready!



November 12, 2011

While grooming operations have not begun, the Nordic Center is open for pre-season wandering. There is a minimal layer of snow. The parking lot gate is open, toilets should be in place, the kiosk is installed and the grooming team is poised for action.


October 17, 2011…2:30 pm

Awaiting snow!!