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June 2012

Upcoming Events

June 2    National Trails Day

June 9     Mason’s Mountain Run

June 23    44th Annual Beartooth Run (at 10,000 ft.!)

Aug. 4   Climb to Conquer Cancer

Aug. 18, 19  Fat Tire Frenzy Bike Races

Sept. 1     Fun Run for Charities


Hiking Trails Near Red Lodge

This updated brochure is available free from BRTA. It briefly describes how to get to 13 nearby hikes. Businesses can display them for visitors and locals. Request a supply at (View it on our website


Mason’s Mountain Run

In memory of Mason Schuck, the third Mason’s Mountain 2 mile and 10k races are June 9 at the Lion’s Camp. Volunteers, walkers, and runners contact Mike Schuck for more info: Register for the race online at, or pick up a form at Sylvan Peak.


National Trails Day

Volunteer Work Projects (AM): ditching and water bars on McGillen Trail; rock work at the trail head by the airport buildings.

Hikes (PM):  a couple of nearby hikes will be led by folks familiar with the area.

To sign up for either, email with your name, phone, and interest. We’ll get back to you.


Grant’s Tip

When encountering HORSES on the trail, move off and downhill about ten feet. Everyone in your group should be on the same side of the trail.  Act calm, talk in conversational tones, and don’t flash bright colors around. Most trail horses are used to people, equipment and dogs that are under control. If in close quarters with nowhere to go, ask the rider what you should do. And if you are very close to a horse, watch your feet; you don’t want a horse to step on you! Bikers, be especially cautious with horses. A quiet, fast bike is very spooky to most horses and can cause major problems on the trail. Use the same procedures as hikers when encountering horses.


Fun Facts from each session on May 12:

How to Pack a Backpack, David K
* The 5 most essential items (after sleeping bag and shelter) rain gear, headlamp, swiss arm knife, water filter or pills, stove with fuel and lighter
* Tent stakes come with shovel ends.  In a pinch use stakes for digging needs. 
* Keep heaviest item in your pack at the level of your lumbar area

Fixin’ Flats, Laurie Barnard
* Get to know your bike! They’re all different.
* Fix a flat 25 times to make it automatic.
* Be sure and reattach your brakes after you put your wheel back on your bike

Maps and Compass, Grant Barnard
* If you know 2 points, you can find a third point.
* Every map does NOT have everything you need.

Basic Bike Maintenance, Paul Otsu
* After flats, chains are the next most common problem.
* $20 will buy all you need to maintain your bike.

Leave No Trace, Travis B
* Plan ahead and prepare.
* Minimize campfire impacts.
* Keep dogs in control.
* Keep your impact down for other people and wildlife.

GPS and Geocaching, Lee Hauge
* There are 1.7 million geocachers internationally.
* There are 5 million geocaches, 20 in the Red Lodge area.
* For more information, go to

Knots, Grant B
* A good knot is easy to tie and easy to untie!

One Burner Cooking, Grant B
* Use a soup for a base, then add couscous, bagged tuna, dried milk, etc.
* Dehydrate your own food.  It’s less expensive and tasty.
* There’s no need for soap.  Clean your dishes with sand.
* Stove fuel is corrosive to nylon. 

Bear Aware, Shawn
* Many Griz sightings near Red Lodge area, most of them between Red Lodge and Clark, WY
* We should all be hiking with bear spray. This is grizzly bear country.
* Wolves have increased bear numbers.  A wolf has 30 minutes to feast on a kill before a grizzly will find it.  Eat fast.

Bear Spray Clinic
* Aim low
* Spray is far more effective than fire arms.
* Check expiration date and signs of leakage.
* Don’t put it in your pack.  Wear it so it can be accessed in seconds. 

Why the Trail Matters, Gary Ferguson
* Gary gave a great history and theories of  how we became bipeds and how walking, hiking, moving helps brain function and overall mental and physical health.

History of BRTA, Grant
* BRTA is 10 years old this year
* Brief history of the growth of BRTA
* Thanks to all volunteers and board members.


Always consider yourself welcome at BRTA monthly Board meetings, second Wednesdays, at the RLACF building, (13th & Oakes), 6:30 pm., or call your favorite Board member to learn what’s up with BRTA.