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End of the Year 2012

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Upcoming Events

·   December 29, 2012:  First Moonlight Ski of the Season at RL Nordic Center (expect a bonfire!)
·   Tuesday, January 15, 2013   5-9 pm BRTA Pint Night at Sam’s Tap Room

Moonlight Ski – This Saturday, Dec. 29

Come enjoy a moonlight ski at the Red Lodge Nordic Center.  Ski along the shadow of the aspens then relax by a warm fire.  Feel free to contribute (but not necessary) cookies or desert goodies and bring your preferred beverages. Don’t forget to dress warmly and bring a headlamp for this popular winter event.  Hope to see you there!

Beartooth Area Cross Country Racing Team

The starting gun to the 2012-13 youth cross country racing year sounded at the Pahaska nordic center near Cody last weekend.   Amongst the roughly 200 Wyoming high school and middle school cross country racers were three very enthused local youths competing proudly for Red Lodge Nordic.   Outfitted in eye-catchingrace suits designed by Paul Otsu and emblazoned with the Red Lodge name were Eric and Anna Dye of Red Lodge as well as Rita Stevenson of Silesia, competing in two days of officiated points races in both skate and classic styles.

BRTA is pleased to be the charter sponsor of these serious young competitors within what is designated as the High Plains region of the Junior National United States Ski Association (USSA).   To our south, the High Plains region is comprised of 6 publically-funded high and middle school teams within Wyoming.  Due to close proximity, Eric Dye has been traveling and racing with the Cody high school team for three years while this will be Rita’s second year.    Anna is already an experienced racer middle schooler and this is her first full year “on the circuit” as they say.
BRTA’s first objective is hiring a well-qualified part-time coach for our young team.  We have this year’s funds earmarked from a generous donation and h
ave a great candidate coach with whom we are conversing.  Read More at: or click HERE!

If your middle or high school child or others that you know are interested in cross country racing, please have them contact Jim Stevenson, Board Member, 406-861-2683 or Contact Jim as well if you would like to contribute to this worthy BRTA program.

Potential Donors

Our troubled website link to Paypal has been corrected and those of you who would like to donate to BRTA can now do so online. Go to and click to donate on the right side of the page.
(We are still unable to offer season pass payments online).
Sorry for any inconvenience.  Thank you all for your continued support of BRTA, and have a great and active 2013!

Fun Facts

·   The latest opening of RL Nordic Center in memory was Dec. 30, ’06.
·    Glenn Schnell created Red Lodge Nordic Center 28 years ago.
·    We have had 190 sign-ins at RL Nordic Center so far this year.

Grant’s Tip

Body position is super important in all types of skiing, for beginners through experts.  In classic cross country and skate skiing, flexing at the ankles to lean your upper body way forward is the most important thing you can do to improve your skiing. Always work on trying to align your chin over your knee and your knee over your toes (“knees, nose, toes”). But do not bend at the waist to get out front. Get that pelvis as far forward as possible, too.

Drill:  without poles, stand tall and let your body fall forward from your feet until you feel you will fall on your face; then slide one ski forward to prevent falling; practice leaning forward and shuffling one foot forward at a time as you set a personal best for maximum forward lean! Keep that position as you ski with your hands reaching out front, way out front!

This position improves your glide because it gets your body mass over the fronts of your feet, thereby centering the pressure along the entire ski. It also maximizes your kick as you press on the center of the kick pocket (or the center of your skate ski).

Happy skiing!

Always consider yourself welcome at BRTA monthly Board meetings, second Wednesdays, at the RLACF building, (13th & Oakes), 6:30 pm., or call your favorite Board member to learn what’s up with BRTA.