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April 2012

Upcoming Events

April 1  Trailhead Landscaping

April 3  Pint Night & Groomer Appreciation

May 12  BRTA Annual Meeting & Outdoor Day

Landscaping Project

Leslie Marty is contracting with the RL City Parks Board to landscape the new trailhead on the east side of the Airport Trail (above the McGillen St. trail). 10:00, April 1 (Sunday, no foolin’), join us with a shovel or a rake to start planting native plants just in time for spring.  Parking is available at the trailhead.


Pint Night & Groomer Appreciation

Join the crowd of Nordic supporters Tuesday, April 3, 5:00-8:00 at Sam’s Tap Room.  We’ll be honoring the Nordic Center grooming team, who have continued to provide great skiing this season.  50¢ of each pint sold goes to BRTA!  (Thanks Sam & Lindsey)

Nordic Center News

While the packed down trails resisted melting until about March 17th, our last day of grooming, consistent warm weather has now melted nearly all the snow at the Nordic Center. Even during what should have been a long cold winter, we saw long periods of warm weather that prevented grooming.

Nevertheless, this year our grooming team surpassed even last year’s record performance for creating outstanding ski trails. A new trail marking system was implemented to guide groomers around the different serpentine grooming routes and to prevent them from wandering off the hard-packed trails and into the fluff, requiring a lot of struggle to get back on track.

Thanks to an RTP (Recreational Trails Program) grant that we received this year, BRTA was able to purchase a new snowmobile. Designed specifically for grooming operations, it features a four-stroke engine that is much quieter, doesn’t produce as much smelly exhaust, and is less expensive to operate. It also has more convenient controls and better handling.

Last year, we adopted the practice of working in teams of two. This provided a measure of safety, and allowed the grooming to be completed in half the time. With the extra time on their hands, groomers could now get “first tracks” on the trails.

Our grooming stable now has three machines. If one machine needs to be repaired, we can still have a team of two with no disruption of grooming. In addition, this year, having the third machine has allowed us to increase our grooming of the West Fork trail.

The grooming team is still keeping an eye to the weather, were a long cold spell to hit with abundant snow, we would resume trail grooming. The toilets are being removed and skiing is free until the very end.

Join us for Pint Night at Sam’s Tap Room April 3rd, from 5-9 pm to personally meet and thank these hard-working men and women for their excellent work.

BRTA’s Annual Public Meeting & Outdoor Day

Join us May 12 as we celebrate BRTA’s 10th anniversary with guest speaker Gary Ferguson at Café Regis Saturday night. We will also have a smorgasbord of outdoor workshops in the afternoon, such as one burner camp stoves, bear aware, Leave No Trace, packing a backpack, knots, map & compass, GPS, etc. More info on what happens when and where later in April.

Annual Backcountry Film Fest

This year’s Winter Wildlands’ 7th annual Backcountry Film Festival (held in Red Lodge for the 5th straight year), was viewed by 14,000 of us in 87 cities, 18 states, 9 countries, on 6 continents.


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Grant’s Ski Tip

Considering storing your skis already? Be sure to apply a layer of warm temp wax for long-term storage. But, hey, there will be more snow…guaranteed. And crust-cruising on the Beartooth Pass in June is always a “kick”.

Quote of the Month

It is best to read the weather forecast before praying for rain.  ~Mark Twain

Always consider yourself welcome at BRTA monthly Board meetings, second Wednesdays, at the new RLACF building, (13th & Oakes), 6:30 pm, or call your favorite Board member to learn what’s up with BRTA.