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Upcoming Events
  • Upcoming Events

  • February 2013

    Pathways – BRTA Newsletter

    Upcoming Events
    Feb. 8    HS Key Club dinner/fundraiser
    Feb. 16  Cody Ski Fest
    Feb. 23  Moonlight Ski
    Mar. 1    Backcountry Film Festival – at the Roman Theater

    Kids Program
    We’ll have a detailed update next issue on the Kids Ski Program which is now in it’s third week at RLNC. Over 60 kids are participating! Anna poses with her medal
    RLNC Race Team Results: at Casper Mountain, WY Eric Dye was 13 out of 60 varsity; Anna Dye first in 6th grade; Rita Stevenson placed 17th in varsity; and Franny Graham, in her first race, placed 8th in 8th grade girls.
    At Pinedale, WY the previous weekend: in varsity boys, Eric was 23rd in 5K classic, Rita 24th girls varsity;  In 10K skate,  Eric placed 17th, Rita 17th;  Anna was 10th for middle school classic and 6th for middle school 3K skate.
    Nice job you four! And good luck with the next couple of races at which you are competing for enough points to qualify for the regionals! And thanks to coach Pete for your work and expertise.

    Nordic News
    How nice to have some snow!  Groomers have been at it since our snow came last week, and the trails are looking better than ever. The plan is to groom 3 or 4 times per week depending on snow, temperature, wind and groomer availability. We will also be posting our grooming plans at the end of each grooming report on the BRTA website; ie, if we know when the next grooming will happen, it will be stated.

    HS Key Club Dinner
    Friday night, Feb. 8, 5-7:00 at the high school, $5 per plate.  The Red Lodge High School Key Club holds its annual Italian dinner in honor of the senior team members. This is also a fund raiser and this year the Club members have chosen BRTA as one of the beneficiaries of their fund raising.  Thank You Very Much! Plan to attend, honor the seniors, and support local organizations.

    Nordic Gear For Sale
    Racing ski poles 150-155 cm. Call Jane 425-1356.   
    [We will post your nordic gear for sale here once per us at]

    snowy trail with new trail signNew Trails Project
    Red Lodge is abuzz about the Forest Service’s proposed new trail from Palisades Campground to Fox Road. This three mile route along the Forest Service boundary skirts the mountain in lodge pole and aspen forest. It will be a great connector between two county roads (Palisades Campground Road and Fox Road), allowing riders, hikers, skiers, snowshoers and bikers about a 10 mile loop starting and ending in Red Lodge. Ideas for the future include extending a Rocky Fork Trail (city of Red Lodge) to one of the county roads to avoid any highway travel to reach Forest Service trails. The new trail will also connect nicely to the Willow Creek trail at the west edge of Palisades Campground.
    A big thank you to Allie Wood at the FS for pushing this project. She is planning a volunteer work day June 8 on this trail, and will use the Montana Conservation Corps on it for about 10 days. BRTA will pay for those days of MCC work.
    Stand by for more information, maybe even a map!

    Cody Ski Fest
    Check out the Ski Fest at Pahaska Feb. 16 by visiting

    Back Country Film Fest
    Get ready. Get excited. Our 6th annual fundraiser, March 1, 7:00 at the ROMAN THEATER! We are chompin’ to use the Roman to present Winter Wildlands Alliance’s movies of the human powered experience to entertain you and to get jacked about winter. Expect the usual outstanding raffle items, beer, snacks and 7 quality films by grass roots producers. (This is Winter Carnival weekend!)  $7 adults; $5 children (all tickets at the door).

    Grant’s Tip: ski tip

    Maximize your glide by:  1) getting your body out front…knees and nose over toes, (you want your body weight over the center of the ski at all times)    2) shifting all your weight to the glide ski (especially skate skiers)   3) following through with your poling…flick your hands, wrists and elbows straight out behind you on each pole plant, but do not let that motion pull your body back and out of position   4) getting in shape…to balance on one ski, that leg has to be strong.

    Hey, gliding is what skiing is all about. Without it, we may as well walk or snowshoe. This is FUN! Check our website for Nordic Center events coming this season.


    Always consider yourself welcome at BRTA monthly Board meetings, second Wednesdays, at the RLACF building, (13th & Oakes), 6:30 pm., or call your favorite Board member to learn what’s up with BRTA.